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Feb 10, 2007 11:30 AM

Good African Restaurants in Fort Greene Area?

Anyone know any?

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  1. The West African place on Fulton near S. Portland (Keur N'Daye?) hasn't really impressed me. But I highly recommend "A Bistro," on Carlton Avenue just south of Myrtle. It's a Senegalese-French fusion restaurant, very small and homey, creative and delicious foods, moderately priced, and BYOB.

    1. Cool, thanks. And which bottle would you bring?

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        I second abistro. Very enjoyable and different. The food can be pretty spicy and hearty, so a Cali ZInfandel would go well. If you prefer white, go for a Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc.

        I can't recall the name now, but we stopped into a nice wine store on our way to this restaurant a couple of weeks ago, corner of Dekalb and Carlton. It had pretty much just opened, but it had a nice selection.

      2. Restaurant Grand Dakar, on Grand Ave. right off of Lafayette, between the Classon Ave. & Clinton/Washington stops on the G-train, is excellent.

        Proprietor's name is Pierre, and I believe he is Senegalese. I've eaten there three times, and the food is fresh, authentic, and more than reasonable for the quality. Also, a very relaxed, authentically African vibe and atmosphere, with live music most nights as well.

        285 Grand Ave., 718.398.8900, on the web.


        1. I posted about this a few weeks ago but didn't get any responses, so I'll try again here:

          Anyone here know where to get South African bunny chow?

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            they serve it at madiba but its a bit of a ripoff - this is the bread with the beef stew in it, right? My husband and his bro thought it tasted like the kind of stew that comes out of a can.