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Feb 10, 2007 10:57 AM

When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons...

So I have a pork shoulder—flavored with garlic, capers, lemon zest, sage, and rosemary—slow roasting in the oven (see link to thread with recipe below; thanks, Funwithfood!). I'm planing to serve it with roasted rosemary Yukon Golds and brussells sprouts. I feel like this meal could use some bright notes to offset the fatty deep flavor of the pork. It just so happens that I have some meyer lemons sitting the the fridge. My initial thought was that I'd throw some chopped meyer lemon in with the roasting potatoes, but then it occured to me that this moisture might keep the potatos from browning nicely, and cooking the lemon so much would significantly mute it's zing.

So, oh wise cooks of Chowland, what should I do? Leave the lemons out? Incorporate them in a different manner?

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  1. You could toss some quartered Meyers in with the roasting pork- it will just add a nuance of citrus but no tang. Personally I would offer the Meyers cut up for the individual diner to squeeze over their sprouts or pork since the Meyer juice is not overly tart but more perfumey.

    1. Quarter a lemon or two and add to your roasting potatoes. They will brown and give a nice tangy note without giving up too much liquid. If you want more "zing" after cooking add some fresh juice and/or zest. I often add quartered lemons - Meyers when I have them - to roasting vegetables under a chicken. It is a good contrast to rich fat. I like to leave them quartered, rather than chopped, so people can pick them out later.

      1. I'd make a gremolata of some herbs and meyer lemon zest to sprinkle over the pork and segment the lemons to toss with the sprouts in the roasting pan.

        1. Juice the lemons and simmer to a nice reduction and make a light zesty dressing for the pork. I would rough cut some of the peel and add at the end.