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BonBon Chicken - Korean Fried Chicken

Went Friday during my Jury Duty lunch to the recently opened BonBon Chicken on Chambers b/w Broadway & Church St. I was actually on my way to Sophie's Cuban Cuisine but got distracted by a sign for Fried Chicken. Who wouldn't?


Very basic menu. And yes, all they have is Fried Chicken. Mainly chicken wings, that come with a size of a vinegar based Coleslaw and the most pathetic excuse for a roll. Really, crazy sad roll. But who cares when the chicken is so awesome!

So you choose the following:

(1) Size: Small=$6.95, Med=$11.95, and Large=$18.95.
(2) Wings only, Wings/Drumstick Combo, or Strips.
(3) Spice Level - Sweet (mild) or Spicy. I believe the Mild is a Garlic & Soy flavor.

On their menu they advertised Bell & Evans Chicken as an option, but the guy on the register said they didn't have it. Too bad. I would've loved to have that instead.

Thing is, there's a slight catch to it all. They clearly state you may have to wait up to 15 minutes for your order. With the promise that quality takes time, since they make food to order. But believe me, it was worth it!!!!

I chose a Medium, Wing & Drumstick Combo, Spicy, with a bottle of water. (They sell canned soda and water for $1 and Iced Tea for $2.) My bill was $14.03 including tax. Enough chicken for 3 people. Ended up giving some to people asking if the chicken was good. Small is more than enough for 1, maybe even 2.

The chicken was piping hot, golden, crispy and did I say DELICIOUS!!! Perfectly seasoned. Cisrpy! A nice spiciness to it. The side of coleslaw was nice and cooling, but nothing major. The roll. Don't ask.

I believe they're opened 7 days a week, starting around noon. Hope my trial takes 1 year so I can go back often. They deliver, which might be a good option for those that don't want to wait. Not sure if they take phone orders for pick-up, but if they do, it's worth a try to not have to sit and wait. Some seating is available. Gets busy during weekday lunch.


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  1. OH man youre making me hungry right now.

    1. I've eaten there twice since it opened. And I have to say your review is spot on. I'm gonna take your advice and try to order take out next time. I actually kinda liked the bun. But I can see how it might not be for everyone. Thanks for the review.

      1. Do they give you a small side dish of sliced radishes?? Or is it just chicken? Can't have korean chicken without the radishes!!

        1. No radishes, only coleslaw. And this is chicken you must have, even without the radishes. ;)

          Planning on hitting Bon Chon soon, where I believe they do have radishes.

          1. i had bon bon chicken for lunch today and it was great. arrived nice and warm at my office on wall street about 40 minutes after i called. i got the meduim mild combo which seems to have about 3-4 legs, 4 or so drumlets and 6 or so wings. nice amount. i'll have to find out if they will deliver me just a small order. the roll tastes like a challah roll, the cole slaw is pretty good, but the chicken is superb. nice and sweet and crunchy. the meat is still moist. i highly recommend it.

            1. Great Chicken, Lose the bun. Very crispy, flavorful, and decent slaw.

              1. do they use a lot of msg? i heard someone complain that they put too much msg. i tried a branch in fort lee and it seemed that they do use quite a lot.

                  1. My medium combo had 2 drumsticks and 11 wings (assorted small drumsticks and wings) and it was excellent. Thanks for the review! The good thing about Bon Bon is that it doesn't hide the taste of the chicken, just a touch of honey glaze, still too mild an Asian hint so I had to bring out the fireworks (pics below)

                    Oh, and Medium ain't enough for 3 hounds, 1 1/2 maybe ;)

                    1. Oh wow. That picture is KILLING ME HERE!

                      Not sure about MSG. Ask Management. My combo had like 6 wings, 6 small drumsticks, and 2 large drumsticks which seemed weird. Was too involved in eating to count well. But delicious, of course.

                      I might face the snow tomorrow and go get some.

                      1. I visited Bonbon after work today. Sure enough, it took about 15 minutes to make my order- a medium box of spicy chicken strips. When my order was ready, I was so excited to give it a try, I busted it out right there. In the bag I found a box of fried chicken strips, and two bags containing rolls. I asked at the counter what happened to the cole slaw- he replied that "we've taken it off the menu". Kind of a bummer, oh well. I tasted the chicken..... and was totally underwhelmed. The batter was nice and light, but the chicken was tough, and slightly overcooked. The spices infused in the batter made the chicken taste more like Frank's Hot Sauce than anything Korean. Very disappointing. I won't be back.

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                          I was bummed about the coleslaw too when I went there recently. I thought it was a perfect foil for the chicken. I do love the rolls though, slightly sweet. I'm not a fan of dark meat, so I usually go in for the mixed strips combo of spicy and sweet. I tried the shrimp once and they were tasty, but not deveined which was offputting to me.

                        2. Agree with the positive appraisals, but it needs the slaw. Finger lickin' good, but won't satisfy anybody who is hankering for Southern Fried.

                          1. Bonbon Chicken on Chambers, BAD EXPERIENCE! I have recommended this place to friends and colleagues to try and have been there a few times myself. last nite i took my 2 friends from out of town. we had to eat in because of time restraints and got there at around 9:10pm. it was empty. the guy at the counter kept reminding us how long things to take to prepare and practically discouraged us from ordering anything that would take longer than 5 minutes. we ordered a shrimp bowl and chicken bowl. our food came out in less than 15 minutes. we almost finished eating when at 9:40pm they started flashing the lights. oh right, i said, they close at 10. so we started to cleaning up, putting leftovers in bags and they TURNED THE LIGHTS OUT for about 30 seconds. then they did it again!! i could not believe how rude!! it was not even 9:45 yet!. we never would have stayed till 10 anyway. it was about 5 of them standing at the counter smiling. i was pissed. they said, sorry, that an accident and laughed. i want to complain to the manager but feel it will be hard to track him down. god forbid if one of them was the manager. so upsetting and embarrassing!