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Feb 10, 2007 10:25 AM

hot chocolate with chile

Is there any place in Manhattan that serves Spanish-style hot chocolate with chiles?

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  1. City Bakery, MarieBelle, and Jacques Torres all do good versions of them.

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    1. re: weezie1818

      City bakery does not normally carry flavored hot chocolates. This month is the hot chocolate festival, and their website lists a chili pepper, but this is only available 2/13 and 2/26.

    2. Vosges does a great Aztec hot chocolate: "ancho and chipotle chillies, Mexican vanilla beans, cinnamon and thickened with organic maize powder (cornmeal)." They have a handful of seats in the retail store where you can sit and enjoy. Just be careful as the glass is tall and skinny. I found it to be much better than Jacques Torres wicked hot chocolate, which was not spicy enough.

      I don't really like anything else they do, maybe a bar or two but not the truffles, but I really enjoy the spicy hot chocolate.

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        1. re: Hugh DeMann

          132 Spring St
          Between Wooster and Greene if I remember correctly.

          It's a really popular spot so you might have to wait around for a little until you can snag one of the (kind of uncomfortable) seats. Oh, and be prepared for heavy-handed decor. The look is somewwat of a feminine purple explosion.

        2. re: kathryn

          i'll second Voges' Aztec. We also purchased the make at home version and it comes out equally delicious on your stove top

        3. Chocolate Bar and Tisserie also serve "Aztec style" hot chocolate.

          1. Does the City Bakery site list the hot cholate flavours of the week? I tried to do a search but wasn't able to find it. Could you post the site, please?



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