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Feb 10, 2007 10:01 AM

good eats north of houston

A small group of us will be spending 2 weeks in Spring, TX doing job training. On the weekend we may be able to head into the city for some of the food suggestions i have been reading about but i was wondering if there are any good places in suburbia. We will be working long days (10-12 hours) but it would be great to still eat well. Any suggestions? We love all foods (ethnic also) and are on a fairly tight budget so of course the cheaper the better. we will need the places to be as close to Spring as possible.


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  1. Go into Old Town Spring and try Wunsche's, next to the tracks. Long history in Texas (1903?), fun outing for out-of-towners. Good variety of food. I also like Gugllianis (sp?) for inexpensive Italian (on the road into Old Town Spring just East of 45 - - I think it is Louetta). Lots of chains up and down 45. Market Street in Woodlands is nice up-scale feel area, but still has lots of inexpensive options (Johnny Rockets, Cafe Express, La Madeline, Berryhills, etc)

    1. thanks! i'll give a couple of them a try. i am definitely looking for something that is not a chain and possibly ethnic. i've never been anywhere is texas and i had a feeling that the area we are staying in might be full of chains.

      1. As far as going to places that are NOT chains, there are *very* few options, but here are some places I know of that are not chains and turn out qualtiy food:

        Neal's Restaurant ( - Texas Country Cooking is how the web site describes it, and I would say its accurate. Very good veggie sides (black-eyes peas, green beans w/bacon & great chicken fried steak); prices are affordable, and its casual.

        Dhakshin Indian Cuisine - ( - Never have been, but heard its very good - its close to HP campus on FM 249.

        PHO Thanh Long - ( - try anything, and you will not be disappointed - love everything from spring rolls to the pho to the vermicelli dishes (I recommend the vermicelli w/chargrilled lemongrass beef & eggroll). Prices are low, nice staff, very clean and affordable. Casual.

        T. Jin's Asian Cafe - (on Spring Cypress Road) - Not sure if this is a chain, but its very good, and lunch prices are reasonable - we went this weekend, and saw they have added a bunch of Thai & a few Korean dishes to the menu. I recommend the green curry, moo shu pork w/pancakes, and jalapeno beef. Casual.

        IMHO, the Italian places and Mexican places here in Spring are a dime a dozen, they all basically taste the same and the price ranges vary greatly. For Mexican, don't waste time on hole-in-the-wall joints - go with Berryhill (which is a chain, but darn good) as another poster mentioned (there is one close to Spring on Champions Forest Drive, as well as in the Woodlands at Market Street). Crispy Fish Tacos are to die for, but this place is NOT cheap unless you hit it at happy hour on Friday (great deals on margaritas and tacos and queso too - this is at the Champions location). Great, cheap breakfast tacos can be found at a taco truck (very clean) at the gas station on the corner of Old Louetta Road/Louetta in Spring (Taqueria Lupita) - $5 for four egg/cheese tacos freshly made by the lady herself (her salsa is great too). For Italian, I would say skip it alltogether - everything out here is comparable to Olive Garden, but usually more expensive and equally as tasteless. If you want a slice of pizza, try Brothers Pizza @ Cypresswood & Holzwarth (near SuperTarget) - as close to NY style as you can get out here. Its great, cheap, and clean.

        For cheap burgers, go back to Neals or to Hooks Airport in Spring. The Aviator Grill serves up a good burger & fries for less than $5, and you can watch small commuter planes go in & out.

        Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anywhere in Spring for good barbecue. I grew up around here, and see the same old tired restaurants surviving on name alone...if you want good barbeque - go to at least Hickory Hollow (on Fallbrook Drive in Houston, about 15 minutes from Spring). If you can travel further into town, try Goode Company BBQ on Kirby Drive. Happy Eating!

        1. sounds like some great ideas that we will give a try. is there really no good, cheap mexican around anywhere close buy? berryhill sounds interesting but the post said "NOT cheap" (which has me worried) and we are definitely looking for as cheap as possible for our meals during the week.

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            You could give, literally, any strip mall Mexican place a try and it would be decent & prices for those types of places are reasonable. You could try lunch at bigger restaurants like Los Cucos on FM 249 in Spring, or Lupe Tortilla on FM 249 in Spring as well. Both are chains, but will have good lunch prices & good food (Lupe Tortilla is my pick). Here are the sites:



          2. Lupe Tortilla is very popular. Their fajitas are fantastic - - and you can share to make it reasonable. There is a Lupe Tortilla south on 45, before you get to HWY 8 (not too far from Spring), also one just north of The Woodlands on 45. Berryhill food is good, and easy to eat ala carte to keep it reasonable. I also like Brother's Pizza (several locations just off 45). Massive Chinese buffet places are common in the area, like China Bear - - good for what they are.