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Feb 10, 2007 09:40 AM

Copper Grill in Birmingham

Would like to hear feedback on dining experience here.

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  1. It has been a while since I've had supper here, but it was an unforgettable experience (for not the right reasons).

    Our waiter gave us the 'hard sell' on a lobster, then actually acted 'disappointed' that we were really only interested in an appetizer, salad course, entree, and sides.

    When I ordered the 'regular' Caesar salad, the waiter offered instead their $18 Caesar with shrimp salad, promising if it wasn't the best one I'd ever had, it could be sent back. I passed.

    Every item on the menu was discussed in great detail - where every major ingredient originated, how difficult it was to procure, etc. I enjoy knowing about what goes into a dish, but not to the point where I'm being told that the (I'm kidding here) flatware on our table is hand-forged by a seventh-generation silversmith living on the coast of Maine. Everyone at our table had a nice time making up stories about his/her dish afterwords.

    Supper was very good - very good - but we weren't interested in returning. There are several excellent places to go for a good steak in town, where both the hard-sell and lecture are kept to a minimum.

    1. Ditto to what DFK said. Went as a year-end celebration with the office. Since I was not paying, I was less aggravated by their BS. I asked the huxter/waiter what the deal was with the hard sell. Answer: They are rewarded for upselling, and they believe that their customers really want to know all of this crap. I was pretty blunt, but this guy's head was inverted so far that he didn't seem to notice. My lamb chops were tiny, greasy, and cost as much as if they had been made of caviar wrapped in gold leaf. What the hell, I ate them and two desserts besides. Basically, if you associate hardened arteries, a lighter wallet, and a bunch of trained rabid monkey servers with exclusivity and status, this is the place for you. Oh, and that is a hell of a nice bathroom.
      To be fair, if they had been beautiful women, I probably would have put up with more crap. I am stupid like that. And in other ways, too, but that is a different story.

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        They have recently been purchased by a steakhouse out of Kansas City (the name escapes me). I would suggest you try them again, the new owners are expandiing the wine list, changing menu items and demanding better service.