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Feb 10, 2007 09:38 AM

Toula's for Winterlicious

I realize that Winterlicious is quickly getting a bad rap for it's horrible food and service however, I do agree that the main purpose of having Winterlicious is for restaurants to impress us all so that "returning" is the "only" option. All that being said, I'm afraid I have yet another pathetic story to tell.

My husband and I took my father and his wife out for a birthday celebration on Wednesday the 31st of January. This date is very new into the winterlicious theme. We went to Toula's, 38th floor of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. We all agreed, the view was spectacular....but that's where it ends. The appetizers, prroscuitto wrapped shrimp and 2 wild mushrooms in 3 tablespoons of jus were nothing to write home about. The real shocker were the mains. The portions were fine but the quality of taste was pathetic. My husband and step-mother had the salmon atop risotto. They said it tasted like the salmon was boiled in taste, no seasoning and well done. My father and I had the lamb shank. His was "good", my father's never at a loss for words when describing his food. Mine, on the other hand, was we sent it back. They brought a second plate out. Not only did this one taste burnt also, but the burnt smell wafted across the whole table so that everybody could smell it. At this point, I was so displeased, I went to the kitchen to have a word with the "CHEF?????" I went on to explain that obviously he wasn't paying attention to what was being served and that this hotel's guests did not deserve to eat such badly prepared food...he shuffled about like I was some sort of babbling idiot. I asked him to stop what he was doing and smell his shanks so he could tell for himself. He claimed he was too which point I've lost any resemblance of patience. I told him I really didn't give a shit how busy he was, just smell the food. Finally he does and agrees yes in fact the whole batch is burnt. "What shall I do?" he asks. I suggested the only thing he could do was throw it out and hope like hell it never happened again. You see, as I explained.....I am no chef, I am a cook...and never in all the years I've been cooking have I ever produced something so horrible and better yet, never would I have ever dreamed of serving that crap to my company so why should he.

Obviously, we won't EVER be going back there again but it makes me feel horrible thinking that tourists could actually be having to put up with such bad food and that it's coming out of Toronto, the place I call home. Finally, that chef should consider going back to dishwashing until he really does learn the art of being a true"CHEF"!!!! Thanks for letting me rant.

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  1. Scorched lamb shanks? How pitiful!

    What did you do after that, jackackattack? Did you pay for what you'd eaten and leave? Were you offered another choice of mains? Was part of the meal comp'ed?

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      No offer of anything else..but didn't pay for my meal...just everyone elses. Hopped in a cab after and went to Amuse Bouche for some REAL food.

    2. Good 'food with a view' in Toronto, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus... All hoaxes perpetrated on an innocent public.

      1. The original comment has been removed