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Feb 10, 2007 09:15 AM

decadent, quick, valentine day's ideas?

Any ideas about quick menus for valentine's day? i'd like to do something with seafood, possibly crab...and be able to throw it together in at least an hour, as that is one of my late nights at work.

thanks in advance!

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  1. For an easy, elegant, "grown-up" meal I like to make stuffed portabella mushrooms with either crab or scallops. I just make a basic stuffing of chopped onions or shallots, diced celery and sweet red pepper, parsley and bread crumbs. (Saute vegetables first and add crumbs and cook until toasted.) Add the chopped gills (remove carefully) and stems of the mushrooms and saute a few minutes more. Lightly oil the outsides of the mushrooms and place in a baking dish. Stuff with half the stuffing. Place a layer of crab, scallops (or both) on top and then add the remaining stuffing. Top with a good melting cheese such as fontina. Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes.

    1. I haven't tried this particular recipe, but I was just reading Ina Garten's crab cakes -- you could make them ahead (the mixture has to chill anyway), then cook them quickly. She makes them finger-food-sized for appetizers, which might be fun for dipping on Valentine's...

      1. there is a recipe for hot dungeness crab with tons of garlic, olive oil and fresh parsley that you roast and then serve with a chile type roumalade.... i belive the recipe is on epicurious. that with a green salad, loaf of sourdough and some wine.... but don't forget some yummy dessert like molten lava cakes that you can make the night before, fridge and then put in oven when you are ready (molten cakes with raspberry on allrecipes)

        1. A loaf of crusty bread, some cheeses, salamis or other chacuteries, olives, salted nuts, grapes and apples. Spread it all out and munch. It's really sensual. Pick up the most decadent pastry you can on the way home and you have it made.