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How do I keep it from disintegrating when I put it in the oil??

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  1. I think that it is important to squeeze out excess liquid from batter and to fry the balls in deep, hot oil.

    1. What is your recipe, byrdhorn. The falafel batter should be very thick. Are you using cooked chickpeas (or other beans) or dried?

      1. You have to pan fry, if you deep fry it disintergrates. At least the one time I tried to it did.

        1. Place it in the pan and don't touch it or move it until the underside is crisp. It must be very thick before you put it in the oil. I never deep fry, only saute with a little oil.

          1. try adding less liquid what ever your recepie. You should have a thick paste when all is said and done. There should be no problems keeping it together in a fryer.

            1. You can't use canned beans for real falafel - those recipes are fool's errands. I know that's heresy in a time when Rachel Ray can cook anything in 30 minutes, but real falafel takes at least 12 hours of planning ahead.

              Soak dried chickpeas, or a combination of chickpeas and favas.

              Here's how I did it:


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                Canned for hummus, dry for felafel.

              2. The buffalobuffet link is right on. I use to make falafel for a restaurant and that's basically how I make mine. I use more parsley and scallion, which I dry well and then add to the bottom of the food processer, then weigh down with the chickpeas, cumin, salt and pepper. That's all I usually put into mine, you have to scrape and pulse repeatedly, but the buffalobuffet recipe looks very good. I've been trying to figure out how to make a sturdier ball so I can stuff them with cheese as an interesting appetizer for parties, havn't quite perfected this though.

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                  Stuffed falafel? Interesting idea. It should work - pat out a centimeter-thick disk, add a 5 mm slice of cheese smaller than the disk, top with another 1 cm thick disk of mix. Pinch the edges together.

                  I'll try it next time. Fresh goat cheese ... or, I don't why I keep thinking this, jalapeno cheddar.

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                    I've also put minced kalamatas into the mix, I want to do some modernized mediteranean in a tapas bar style setting someday, I love falafel but find it a tad heavy and it just doesn't hold for long, so I'm trying to think of ways to make this humble food a bit more refined, though not too far removed from its roots. The problem with stuffing is the mix needs to be a touch sturdier, I want to make elegant, smooth circles that ooze out creamy cheese when bitten into: I'm thinking a goat and feta mix whipped up light and airy first. Wish I had more time to play with this but let me know if anything works for you.

                2. Oh, that reminds me of a fantastic falafal recipe in the yellow Gourmet Cookbook. It is used in a pita sandwich, SO good!