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Feb 10, 2007 09:11 AM

Il Cielo or The Little Door for a romantic dinner?

Looking for a romantic place to take my lady this Friday... I like the idea of a heated outdoor patio with lights type of thing.

I've never been to either of these places, but both seem to be what I'm looking for based on reviews.

We're both in our early 20s. In my head I've decided that the crowd at Il Cielo is predominantly 60+. I realize this is insane and probably totally off base.

I'm more concerned with good food and nice atmosphere than it being a hip scene. The problem is we're a devastatingly attractive, youthful couple and would love to be surrounded by the same. Totally joking

Anyway, which do you recommend?

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  1. The Little Door over Il Cielo. The patio at Wilshire (23 & Wilshire) is beautiful, the crowd is mixed (young and old, but perhaps more young from what I could tell). Michael's in Santa Monica has a nice patio. Good luck.

    1. Both are romantic, but food is a better at Il Cielo.

      1. The crowd at Il Cielo isn't 60+, it's 70+! And I've been on evenings when I could swear it was 80+. You've never heard so much talk about great-grandchildren in your life. It does pour on the romantic schtick, though - heart-shaped chcolate cake and the like - where Little Door is just a busy Hollywood place. Both are cuisine-impaired, but the off-menu grilled langoustines at Il Cielo are pretty good.

        1. how about the patio (reserve the patio) at orso's?

          1. Orso is a very good suggestion, very nice patio, and very good food, and definitely less expensive than either of those you suggest.
            Once again, Thank you Jerome!