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Feb 10, 2007 08:19 AM

Great dinner at Bamba Bistro (Rochester) but no one there?

We had a truly outstanding dinner last night at Bamba Bistro on Alexander St in Rochester NY. Food was great, atmosphere quiet, warm, and attractive, and exceptional service. None of the "fancy schmancy" airs of the Rio.

BUT no one was there! The restaurant was very empty.

So I'm wondering if anybody else has been there recently and could comment. Maybe because Valentine's Day is this week? Or does no one know about the place? What's the scoop?

Thanks for thoughts.

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  1. january and february are extrememly slow months in the restaurant business. we were at tapas 177 last night and it too was empty for a friday night. glad to hear that banba's was good. we'll have to give it a try!

    1. We were at the Rio Bamba in 2004 when it was "fancy shmancy". It ought to have been -- the Chef Jay Cohen was the Sous Chef for David Bouley for at least 4 years and is a talented Chef. He and his wife moved back to Rochester to go it on their own when the opened the Rio Bamba. They retooled the concept last year to a more accesible Bistro format and renamed it Bamba Bistro, and have since sold the entire business to their partner I believe. I'm sorry to hear it was empty, but probably because the food is no longer of Jay Cohen quality, or the heart and soul of the place is gone. Just a guess...