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Feb 10, 2007 07:53 AM

The Wild Hare in Highland Park

Hi Hounds

So we have always loved the bar food at The Wild Hare in Highland Park. The Juicy Lucy was a perfect thing with a cold beer. Anyway last time we were in there we find out the place has been sold. YIKES. Has anyone heard if the new owners intend to keep it similar and continue to serve food? Any imput on this would be appriciated.

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  1. This is awful news. I know a good deal less than you do, obviously. I thought they were just getting their chops up, though I'll admit that the service was both slower and less friendly last time we were all in...and the Juicy Lucy is a fabulous burger. Dang.

    1. Dang!! I went there recently for the first time and I just added it to my "regular" list. The food there was very good for bar food. I hope the new owners will keep things more or less the same (though they might want to add a heating system - the time I was there, it was FREEZING).

      1. from what i heard, the new ownership is supposedly from edendale grill. they'll be closing the bar at the end of the month for some renovations. personally, i like the place as is. damn.

        1. Ugh! :( Edendale Grill is one of those places that know how to do atmosphere but not food. Hopefully they'll keep it simple and do it right with this place.

          1. it was for sale for quite awhile and the asking price was ridiculously high. the edendale girls do do atmosphere well which i think this place could use a bit more of but i hope the food stays good too.