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Feb 10, 2007 07:14 AM

Rainy Weekend-what are you cooking?

Rain is expected all weekend here in N. California and given that I have three days ahead of me until I have to go back to work, it seems like the perfect opportunity to spend it in the kitchen. This is what I have planned so far:

Pineapple and Coconut Panckaes for breakfast (from a mix we picked up in Maui a couple of months ago)
No-knead bread that I started last night-this variation is from a fellow 'hounder: rosemary, kalamata and thyme as my mix-in's
Coq au vin for dinner tonight w/roasted herbed potatoes
Oatmeal-cherry cookies that I'll be baking sometime this afternoon
and I'm thinking of French onion soup for dinner tomorrow night

Since the weather seems to either rainy or cold and snowy across most of the country this weekend, does anyone else plan on spending the majority of it in the kitchen making comfort food?

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  1. It's not suppose to rain here in Texas until tomorrow...enjoyed a nice day out shopping.

    What I have on board for this weekend:
    Chicken pot pie with lots of veggies inside (already made for brunch today)
    Beef tenderloin in this to-die-for sauce with very good bread, baked potato

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    1. re: BellaDonna

      I would love the recipe for you to-die for sauce- :) Always looking to jazz up some tenderloin!

    2. My husband is making lobster tails, shrimp cocktail and some other goodies. We will also have rum and cokes with lime for cocktail hour. lol Makes us think of the summer.

      Tomorrow I will slow roast a delicious chicken, with baked potatoes, maybe stuffing, creamed onions(I love them) lol, vegetables, salad and something great for dessert.

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      1. re: Jana33

        It's freezing here so I made a warm bowl of comfort food yesterday evening. Creamy, buttery polenta, topped with warmy crispy cubes of pancetta and olive oil fried eggs (w/freshly ground black pepper and fleur de sel). very rich and just heavenly.

      2. Hi Rosie. Could you please post your recipe for coq au vin? I've had a lot of trouble getting it right. TIA.

        1. Yes, please, Rosie, to the request for coq au vin. I'd love to see it as well. We were traveling from the Bay area to Loomis (outside of Sacramento) over the weekend (long story, we have an older dog with health issues and a vet we adore in Loomis) so in the rain in both Roseville and Fremont, Saturday, it was beef stew with dumplings and Sunday, it was seared pork chops with a mushroom gravy over rice. Tonight, although it's just cloudy, italian pot roast!

          1. My creation of Baked Chicken Parmesan Lasagna with Angel Hail Pasta, Arugala Mix Greens Redwine Vinegar and Oli Dressing and Anchovies, and Blue Cheese Bread
            Chocolate Cake with marshmallow filling for Dessert, but it is not so bad out right now, the rain might of passed on to Texas, sorry!