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I've got one dinner in Ft. Lauderdale - where should I go?

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I will be in Ft. Lauderdale later this month and would appreciate some dinner suggestions, preferably, not more than $50 a person (excluding, wine, tax or tip) for a three-course meal.
While I'd like the place to be comfortable and not too loud (I'll be with my parents), I'm most interested in trying a great chef's food.


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  1. I would recommend Sunfish Grill on Oakland Park

    3030 Ocean

    Johnny V's Las Olas (but may be too loud

    Eduardo de San Angel

    Casa D'Angelo for Italian


    Cafe Maxx

    1. Sunfish Grill has a bad attitude. I would recommend all of the above and Blue Moon Fish Company. You can sit outdoors, right on the intra-coastal, and the food is very good.

      1. We were going to try Sunfish Grill or Eduardo de San Angel, but they're both closed on Sunday. 3030 Ocean doesn't list their prices on their web site, which is always a bad sign to me. Are there any good places that don't charge $35 for an entree?

        1. My ladyfriend and I had a great meal at Himmarshee Bar and Grill last week. They say they change the menu daily and the entrees were in the $25. range.

          1. Check out Hi-Life cafe and report back if you go. I have not been since he was on Top Chef


            1. I might do Himarshee Grill because it's slightly less expensive than some of the other top places mentioned. The sad thing is, I've looked at a lot of menus for Ft. Lauderdale and Miami restaurants, and the top places all seem absurdly overpriced and underwhelming (at least the circa-1995 dish descriptions do). I live in NYC and you can get a three-course lunch at first-rate places such as Jean-Georges, Aquavit, Tocqueville and Devi for a fraction (say $24-$28) of all the $40 entrees I'm seeing on the menus at these Florida spots. I don't know what the boards collective impression of NYC restaurants is, but, trust me, we don't have many places here that feature $40 entrees. Question: Are there any great inexpensive ethnic restaurants in Fort Lauderdale? How about a transcendent pizza? I'll take one of those, too, over a $40 entree.

              1. I've never had a bad meal at Himmarshee. The filet *never* changes on the menu that changes but no matter....it's great. Himmarshee is a great choice. So are Casablanca or Canyon.

                1. For great pizza, try Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. It's in a small strip mall, on US1 (Federal Hwy) about a mile north of the airport.