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Feb 10, 2007 05:50 AM

Palm Springs Valentine's Day "Dive"

My partner and I will be in Palm Springs for Valentine's Day, and on through the weekend. I wanted to go someplace nice for V.D. (yes, I hate those initials too), but every place we called had some "special" menu (e.g. Johannes -- 4 course prix fixe for $100!!, seriously!!). Just like New Year's Eve, we avoid these things like the plague. They are a consummate rip-off, the ultimate in condescension from the restaurant world to the public, like the restaurant telling us: "If you're such an amateur that you need to eat at our restaurant on this special day, we will take advantage of your stupidity by offering you a subset of our regular menu for which we will overcharge you to the tune of 25%." Besides, who needs to be locked into eating a mult-course meal? Therefore, I think we'd rather go to someplace, perhaps Mexican or Asian, that offers their regular menu, and simply offers good food, without fuss. Any suggestions? (We'll have a car, so Palm Desert and other communities not far from P.S. are not out of the question.)

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  1. Just what you are looking for.....Great Mexican food in a VERY casual setting, right off
    Hwy. 111 in Cathedral City. A local favorite!!
    El Gallito
    68820 Grove St.
    Cathedral City, Ca
    phone 760 328-7794

    1. Hopefully you found something already but if not try Aldente (Italian), Thai Smile, or El Mirasol (Mexican) all in Palm Springs. There's also a nice place in Palm Desert -
      Fusian One 11, they have tapas and might not be prix fix