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Feb 10, 2007 04:48 AM

NYC Chowhound visiting Claremont/Pomona

Seeking Inland Empire chowhounds' recommendations for dining choices in the Claremont/Ontario/Pomona area. Please skip Claremont Village, as a) there are plenty of previous posts on this subject and b) we're coming for the 5C's Parents' Weekend and most village restaurants will be crowded.

Also, seeking suggestions of daytrips and corresponding dining recommendations for locations within a one-hour drive of Claremont (recognizing that in S. Cal. one hour driving doesn't get you all that far).


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  1. A nice day trip would be the Huntington Library in Pasadena. Stroll around the gardens and galleries then have lunch at Rose Garden Tea Room. Better make reservations ( You should be able to drive there from Claremont within an hour.

    1. Ontario Mills for shopping
      Pasadena is also a good suggestion...there are a ton of good dining around the area.
      There is not much to eat around Claremont, Pomona, Ontario, except for the village or for chain. Tutti Mangia for Italian is good, so maybe you should make a reservation (It's in the village). Go try Some Crust bakery in the village also.
      If you like Chinese, you should head out to Rowland Heights.

      1. For some fantastic casual sit down Mexican:

        Los Jarritos Restaurants
        (909) 593-7012
        3191 N Garey Ave
        Pomona, CA 91767

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          Best rice and beans, period. Also, try their chicken enchiladas w/ green sauce. Lemonade is strong, but tasty.

        2. Also looking for same recs as famdoc- please keep them coming!

          1. Cafe Allegro...two locations. One in old downtown Upland, just east of Claremont, the other in La Verne just west on 2nd St. just east of Bonita. Great Italian. The Upland location is not as cramped as the La Verne Location.

            Also, the Buffalo Inn on Foothill just west of Claremont in Upland is a unique experience.

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              Cafe Allegro is a great choice. I used to frequent that place a few years ago when I lived in the area. I like the original La Verne location best as it is a cozy place for Italian on a winter night. They have a good version of chicken cannelloni and spinach fettucine with almonds.

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                I remember Cafe Allegro being really good and reasonably priced when I used to live in the area.

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                  I fourth this rec! I love this place. My husband and I frequent the Upland's in the qauint historic downtown district. I'm fond of the lobster bisque and their seafood dishes.
                  The Mission Inn in Riverside is awesome for Sunday Brunch! Attentive service, great food, and most awesome location. Taps in Brea is also another Brunch favorite of ours...they have great beers and seafood dishes (i.e. oysters, shrimp, though no lobster). On a normal night, I suggest their drunken mahi mahi and the chilean sea bass.
                  I would choose Handel's over Bert & Rocky's any day of the week. They have amazing flavors...their cotton candy really tastes like cotton candy. Other faves: banana cream pie, blueberry cobbler, caramel apple, candy apple, apple pie, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate brownie...and this list could go on and on. I would suggest skipping 21 Choices, it's like Cold Stone, but without the full fat ice cream...the mix-ins are about the same. If you're looking for frozen yogurt, I would suggest hitting up Pinkberry at Victoria Gardens in Rancho's the most popular of the frozen yogurt craze and I love the quality of their fruit compared to other places.
                  If you've got free time, I would suggest a trip down to Orange County for a taste of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisines. There's a new thread of Korean in Orange County...we're fond of Shi Do Rak and Cham Sut Gol. For Vietnamese/Chinese, I would highly suggest Newport Seafood in Westminster for their house special lobster, shaken beef salad, and salt and pepper squid and shrimp.
                  I'm sorry, I tried to add links, but it wouldn't work for me.