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Do You Have Anything Shipped Regularly To You From Abroad?

My wife came back from a trip to France with a couple of boxes of a product called Ebly - it is somewhat similar to cous-cous or egg barley - but is actually a tender form of durum wheat. It is also available in the UK but i've never found it in the U.S. I am completely addicted to it and now depend on friends from France sending me packages of it. More info here:

Anyone else have stuff shipped to them which they found on foreign trips?

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  1. Yes and no.
    No, only because most of what I love overseas cannot be shipped to the US. Fresh meats, cheese, pasta, etc. Or in the case of my most favorite French food product no one is willing to deal with US Customs anymore to bother. BTW, that would be Poulain chocoate. I bring back 1/2 a suitcase full everytime I go to France then put it in the fridge and try to make it last until I go back.

    Yes, in that we have English, Asian, and other ethnic grocery stores in our area that sell imported food. So, I guess it is really shipped to them but I will drive a long way if I can find someone in the US who sells products I fall in love with overseas.

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      rosepoint, Poulain chocolate is available in Canada. Do you live anywhere near a U.S./Canada border?

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        I used to have my ex-father-in-law send me six-month aged Montasio cheese from Italy every couple months (he declared it as books). I still bring back an entire wheel of it every time I go to Italy.

      2. I live in Amsterdam and my mom sends me starbucks.

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          Eek! With such great European coffees available? Have you tried others?

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            That's weird because I live in New York and every trip to Europe I pick up about 10 packages of Douwe Egberts coffee.

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              I drink Douwe Edwards, live in Texas, and buy mine on amazon.com. You might want to do a little price comparison before you give up carting it across an ocean all by yourself... My god, coffee prices have gone up!!! I normally use the whole bean "Aroma Rood", which ain't cheap now, but I used to splurge every once in a while on their Kona and/or Kona blend... I guess that's beyond reasonable two or three cups a day prices until a price drop!

              Oh, and when you do an Amazon search, once you find the brand/size you want, then do another search for that before you place an order because there may be multiple sellers who offer different prices, and occasionally it's actually cheaper to pay shipping than to buy the same product from another vendor that ships free with Amazon Prime membership.

              I *HOPE* the price increase I see is due to coffee prices going up globally... (sigh)

              SHEESH...!!! this thread is two centuries old! What happened to my promise to myself to READ DATES before I reply...??????

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                That's okay - I'm still here - and just had a look on Amazon - yep i think I will order from them - which will leave me room in my check-on bags for Marmite on my next trip.

                Thanks for the tip!

          2. I order Absinthe every now and then, and preserves from a place I stayed years ago in Provence.

            1. Live in Colombia, get wine shipped from Chile (lots of cases of Concha y Toro) and rum (more cases) from Nicaragua. Buy Japanese - California rice, nori, wasabi, shitakes, fish sauce, and tortillas (and much more) when passing through the US.

              1. Not shipped, exactly, but my Canadian relatives know that they have to bring us several bags of Fudgee-o's cookies when they visit. Fudgee-o's are like milk-chocolate oreos, and they're great. (Still full of trans fats, though, as far as I know.)

                If I had any French relatives, I'd make them bring me good fruit glacee and l'Elephant herbal tea (especially framboise-citron and peche-cassis). But I don't, alas!


                  1. Not shipped, as such. But the family always bring back food from their village in Spain. Might be sobrasada. Might be "Fet a Soller" olive oil. Both good and pretty much impossible to find outside the immediate area.

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                      Wait, how? Unless I'm mistaken sobrasada still can't be brought legally into the U.S. Or are you in the EU so it's not an issue for you?

                      (Also, if you're going to get stuff from Sóller you should try the La Luna canned pork paté they make in town.)

                      Sóller is my hometown and I always miss it and the food.

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                        I'm in the UK.

                        And Soller is the brother-in-law's hometown - my nephew was born there (so has dual nationality). And, yes, last trip they bought the tinned pate for me.

                    2. I used to get a case of Kinder Eggs once a year for Easter, but they've cracked down on it and my source has removed his website. I miss those little toys.

                      1. I get sundried tomatoes (the dry ones, not the ones in oil) and salt and vinegar popcorn seasoning in my Christmas package.

                        1. My Italian friends sometimes bring me olive oil or limoncello. But the best is when my daughter in Australia orders Tasmanian Pepperberry pods for me. I use in applications which call for ground black pepper. Back in the day, I used to have custom clothing labels, with the kids' surname on them, shipped from Cash's in the UK - good for summer camp.

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                            No idea whether these people ship to Canada, but they are available here: http://tinyurl.com/lje46hj

                            To each his/her own, but I would never give up my black tellecherry pepper, though I do have a peppermill full of Tasmanian devils. '-)

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                              Thanks C! Sometimes it's good to have an item or two which are lightweight, which daughter can send me as a gift :) But thanks for the link to World Spice. We also have friends in Bellingham, who drive a bit...
                              And I have a "few" peppers here. No need to worry about the tellecherry.

                          2. Not from overseas trips, but from home! I've lived in London for five years and I get two parcels a year from NZ - containing marmite, lollies, dried apricots, dried onion soup mix (a particular brand that we have at home), NZ Girl Guide biscuits, Whittaker's chocolate. I've managed to stop her from sending wine (postage is exorbitant and NZ Sav Blanc is widely available here).

                            Many of these products can be sourced (expensively) from an ex-pats shop, but it's a treat to have it sent with love.