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Feb 10, 2007 01:05 AM

what is you best website for desserts recipes ?

Where do you go professional desserts recipes ?
Any website ? Books ?

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  1. What books to buy for desserts ? And for truffles making ?

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    1. re: evelpm

      Nick Malgieri's books are quite good.

      Rose Levy Beranbaum has some very good books, although she can be a bit pedantic at time.

      I like King Arthur's baking book for yeast doughs and pastry.

      I have the CIA pastry textbook that I find invaluable.

    2. I believe has a Jaques Torres recipe for truffles.

      1. I love Maida Heatter cookbooks. She has a gazillion of them and I have never has a recipe fail. Her instructions are very easy to use and actually teach the reader a lot about the art of pastry making (things that can be applied over and over to any recipe). Ive used some of those recipes professionally some are more homey.
        Have you tried the Pierre Herm├Ęs books. They are expensive but beautiful and seem to yield good results.

        1. There's a good collection of professional baking recipes (formulas) here: