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Spaghetti alla Bottarga

My hunband and I love Spaghetti alla Bottarga. Bottarga is dried fish eggs. I guess I love it so much for the same reason I love "Karashi Mentai Spaghetti" - Japanese pasta dish (Sawtell Kitchen used to serve this dish). Every Italian restaurant we go, we must try their version of this dish. So far, I think MADEO and GIORGIO BALDI serve the best Spaghetti alla Bottarga in LA (e baldi is not bad but they were skimpy on bottarga when I was there last time).

Does anyone know where I can buy a good quality bottarga in LA?

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  1. I don't know about the quality but I think that the Silver Lake Cheese Store might carry it from time to time. If not, Chris might be able to get it for you or at least steer you in the direction of finding it.


    1. Unlike many others on this board I love Giorgio Baldi, but for S a B (and I have had the dish many times at both places) I gotta hand the Grand Jury prize to Madeo. I think they use a higher quality bottarga. Damn its good.

      1. I concur with you on Madeo -- love their spaghetti alla bottarga!

        As for buying the ingredient, I would try Surfas.


        1. They do a really nice version of this dish at Briganti, in South Pasadena. It's not on the regular menu, but they've had it as a featured special a few times. It's excellent. Actually, I like everything I've had there. Do a search on this board and you'll find many positive remarks about this place, but call ahead before driving across town to find out if they're serving it on any given day.


          1. I called Surfas and, yes, they had it :-) I am going to try Mario Batali's recipe and make it for lunch today!

            I have never been to Briganti. Add it to must try list for my next trip to Pasadena area.

            Thanks guys!

            1. Went to Madeo looking forward to the pasta con bottarga, but it had a strange, almost creamy consistency , rather than the kind of dry and oily dish that I have enjoyed before. It's by its nature a rich dish, but this was over the top. They insisted they never mix any dairy product with fish, but I have my doubts. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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                That is weird. My husband went there last week and he enjoyed it as always. He did not mention anything different about the dish. I wonder if there are new hire in the kitchen...

              2. Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi on West Channel Rd. in Santa Monica has a good version, when it's on.

                1. Drago and Tanino''s - I've had it at both, just don't remember if it was a special or on the menu.

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                    I'm pretty sure the spaghetti alla bottarga has been on the regular menu at Drago for years and years (unless it's changed recently).

                  2. They sell it at Claro's Italian Market(checked Arcadia store) 2 differen't brands. One was $14 for 50g and the other was $18 for 80g. http://www.claros.com/

                    1. Thanks RoachCoach. The one I bought from Surfas was about $95 per lbs. I asked the guy how to choose good one. He said blond one is better than the dark colored one.

                      BTW, ever since I complained about how skimpy they were on my bottarga at E BALDI, they've changed! Now they serve with appropriate amount of it - just like his father's place, GIORGIO BALDI. I respect the restaurant who listens to customer's feedback :)

                      1. Wow thanks for sharing all the info about restaurants that serves this stuff....
                        I also went to Surfas but unfortunately none of the workers seen or heard of it...good thing a shopper heard what I was looking for and recommended La Bottega on Santa Monica blvd. I went there and sure enough, they had a packet of it sold for over $20...not sure if it's the good stuff but it's my first one. They also serve it next door restaurant in Il Grano.

                        Il Grano Restaurant
                        11359 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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                          did you try calling claro's in san gabriel, bay cities in santa monica and pinocchio's in burbank? just call them - they may have it...also, checking online the prep is a little different but La Espanola sells hueva (sic) de mujol, the salazon - so it's cured salted mullet eggs. It may be very similar and i think it's much less expensive. (they're in harbor city - worht a call)

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                            If you go to Claro's website you'll see addresses etcetera for all their stores. I think there are five, could be six …

                        2. the store in the original farmers market sells it - it's in the cheese case. monsier marcel.

                          1. Guidi Marcello's in SM also has bottarga, both the real grey mullet kind and the humongous tuna.

                            Guidi Marcello
                            1649 10th St, Santa Monica, CA

                            1. I buy it all the time at Bay Cities on Lincoln Blvd.

                              1. Wow didn't know these great Italian store around my area! Thanks for sharing, now which is better? Tuna bottarga or mullet bottarga?

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                                  The mullet variety is usually more highly prized.