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Feb 9, 2007 10:59 PM

Classy/Nice spot for drinks (maybe food) in downtown or ktown?

I'm looking for a nice, not too loud, grown-up but not boring place for drinks (and maybe something small to eat) on sunday evening. location would have to be downtown or ktown, maybe larchmont. downtown standard is a little too much of a headache, and the prince is too dive-y, just to put some parameters down. any ideas? thanks!

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  1. Check out website for Edison downtown which looks (and I hear is pretty great). Great bar and some pub food. Cocktail lounge at the Biltmore Hotel is fantastic, especially if their jazz pianist is playing.

    1. The Royale on Wilshire. Sit in the courtyard. I assume it's open on Sunday's, but check ahead of time.