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Feb 9, 2007 10:20 PM

yogurt cream top - like Brown Cow cream top

One of my favorite foods... I wish the layer would be thicker, and came in a big container - just the cream top. (Does it?) Not that I don't love the yogurt itself...

Any other brands you know which have thick cream tops?

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  1. never seen another brand with that but i LOVE the peach and the coffee versions. the high fat content might be why no one else has jumped into marketing a similar product. my current favorite yourgurs tho are Liberte 6 grain...pear yogurt (be still my hear0. it's a tad thin but ooh so tasty

    1. I love Brown Cow Cream Top. It would be awfully decadent to have a entire yogurt container only of the cream, but I've never seen it. Though it's tempting to skim the cream right off and eat it by itself, I try to ration a piece of the cream top out so that each serving of yogurt gets some. It's my enticement to eat more yogurt.


      1. I love Pequea Valley yogurt. I didn't know about the cream top until I found this stuff. It is thick and creamy and delicious. I use the plain in place of sour cream and the peach and blueberry are my favorite fruit flavors. I do't know if you can get it outside of Pennsylvania but here is a link to an article about it that indicates you can order it online.

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          Pequea Valley yogurt is the best. The Bride & I drove through the Lancaster area a couple years ago and found the farm and peeked at the very happy-looking cows grazing in the field.

        2. There is a yogurt sold in Persian/Middel eastern markets called labneh. I'm told it's basically half yogurt/half cream. It's used mostly for making middle eastern dips. It is soooo rich - don't know if you'd want to eat it alone, but give it a try. Quite delicious.

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            labneh is not "half cream." It's akin to yogurt "cheese," with much of the moisture removed. It is delicious- beyond delicious, heavenly- with some honey and walnuts mixed in, just amazing.

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              mrpullings is right: labneh is half milk and half cream, I'm checking the label right now.
              Strained yogurt is the term I've always heard for yogurt with much of its moisture removed.

          2. I don't know what the english name for it is (yogurt cream top gets the message across though :) but in turkish it's called kaymak (pronounced ki - to rhyme with hi - /mack). Turkish yogurts come both ways: with kaymak or without.
            You can also buy kaymak separately...rolled up into little log shapes.
            Try a turkish grocery... wouldn't be likely it's imported - don't think it would survive the trip...but perhaps someone's culturing it in a warm, dark kitchen somewhere?

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              I think kaymak is more like clotted cream, rather than fermented yogurt. Really tasty, almost like butter. So when you say Turkish yogurt comes with kaymak or without, perhaps the word just means, "cream" in the general sense?

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                Hi Crowbar in English It is called Clotted cream or Devon-shire cream. It's funny, I tried it for the first time last week. I went grocery shopping at Devon Market on the north side of Chicago and they were sampling it there. The gentlemen that was sampling it said that each ethnicity call it by a different name. They were sampling it on Balken bread. I tired the plain, one with jelly and I love it with honey, it is so delicious. I didn't buy it but after doing some research I would like to try it again, especially on scones. Apparently it is popular in some parts of Chicago. The company that makes it has a website