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Feb 9, 2007 10:10 PM

Getting your kids to eat what they hate--the hardcore Japanese way (sort of)

I just came across this video and thought I should share it with you all. Some of you may be turned off by the title, but this video features a popular Japanese comedian (or what they call a "talent" there). He's called HG, short for Hard Gay. But it's meant to be funny and not necessarily overtly sexual, though his antics are overtly sexual (so much so that it's just funny). Hope you get my drift. He's probably analogous to someone like Pee Wee Herman (before the arrest in a porn theater), a comedian with a shtick. Anyway, he's a popular character on many evening variety shows (perhaps daytime too?) and this video is of his ways to get children to eat something they don't like. There's actual cooking too, but you have to watch till the end.

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  1. kimochi warui...piman peanuts butter maki....

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    1. re: Tabetai yo

      Yeah - in this case, I don't think your handle would apply... Although I'm still trying to figure out if that's because of the food or the character. Imagine that on US TV?

    2. I don't think I want Hard Gay anywhere need my food...somehow unsanitary. Very funny though.
      tabetakunai yo

        1. A very icky video, I feel sorry for the children! But it was interesting that the kid's reasons for not liking green pepper are the same as mine. Maybe I'll try combining green pepper with peanut butter...

          1. Iya, fuketsu, karada ni warui. No wonder our tribe left Japan.