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Feb 9, 2007 06:56 PM

Sandwiches in Culver City

One of the staples of my girlfriend's diet is sandwiches. She's not a big eater, but she does appreciate a good sandwich.

So I'm trying to think of places in the 'hood where I can get her something really good.

Here are some places we already hit:

She likes Johnnie's Pastrami. She loves Sorrento's and we should go there more often. I just turned her on to Famima, and she loves the paninis there. Also the paninis from Pavilions.

She hates Roll and Rye.

What am I forgetting?? (other than the obvious -- Quizno's or Subway -- yuck!)


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  1. If she likes sub style sandwiches, try Victor Jr's on Washington Boulevard, next to the Coffee Conservatory. I really like their subs and their pizzas are pretty good new york style pizzas too.

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      Thanks NAspy -- I got her a sub from Victor Jr's yesterday -- she LOVED it, and actually ate the whole thing for one meal (very unusual for her -- she usually saves some for later).

      Thanks -- great rec!

    2. I eat steak and chicken sandwiches at Markie D's on Washington all the time.

      I can't get into the debate about whether or not they are authentic Philly steak sandwiches (or chicken sandwiches) but they are good. I like 'em with grilled onions and hot peppers.

      El Criollo Rincon (or whatever the name is, I always misspell it) on Sepulveda next to Big 5 makes a Cuban sandwich that I order sometimes (without cheese ... but that's just me).

      Taqueria Sanchez (on Inglewood) has good tortas.

      ALSO (and this breaks my personal rule about going too far outside a poster's stated geographic boundary): Uncle Darrow's makes damn fine po'boys. UD's is west of Culver City on Washington at Lincoln, but maybe it's a mile and a half west of the western edge of Culver City. If sandwiches are all you eat, it's worth the extra five minutes.

      Also, Outdoor Grill makes good bar-b-cue sandwiches. Where Washington Place meets Washington Boulevard (the western, not the eastern, intersection). That may or may not be Culver City ... the border in that area is completely random. It's right next to CC if it isn't in Culver City,

      1. The Cemitas Poblanas from Angelica Taco Truck that parks in front of the Smart & Final on Venice Blvd and Clarington, have received many positive reviews on Chowhound.

        1. Poster says Subway and Quizno's are Yuck, so this is risky, but there is one of the few remaining Togos on the north side of Venice across from the Wendy's. I like Togos -- the onion roll bread, the hot pastrami or the turkey, roast beef and cheese (#8).

          I love Bay Cities in Santa Monica, and I'd like to try Sorrento's but I don't know exactly where it is. I travel up and down Sepulveda all the time and it hasn't jumped out at me...

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            Nosh, Sorrento's is located 2 blocks south of the Toys 'R Us/Pavillions Shopping Center on the east side of Sepulveda, by Jefferson Blvd. The meatball sub I had from Sorrento's was too salty though.

          2. Thanks, Norm... That reminds me of an often overlooked place for a superior ham sandwich -- there is a Honeybaked shop right around there but to the west side of Sepulveda.

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              I KNEW this post would lead to "duh" moments for me!! You're going to laugh, but I drive past that Honeybaked every day on the way to work, and I've been there myself a few times. It's on Jefferson, north side of the street, just west of Sepulveda. Next to a Winchell's Donuts...