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Feb 9, 2007 06:45 PM

Mary's Fish Camp

I think it's outstanding. What beats it?

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  1. Not much that Ive had the fish-L-T is awesome. Have not founf better seafood in NYC

    1. Tides, Aquagrill, Mermaid Inn. I didn't enjoy Mary's at all. It was cramped and overpriced.

      1. For a homey, informal restaurant, it's very good, but I agree that it's pricey. I don't think of it as trying to compete with higher-end places like Le Bernadin or even's a different type of restaurant.

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          Of course it's not in the same league as Le Bernardin, but neither is Aquagrill in the same league as Le Bernardin. I understand that Mary's is a more low key establishment than an Aquagrill, but if you look at prices on menupages, the cost of dinner at Aquagrill is only a little higher than Mary's. When you throw in much better atmosphere and better food at Aquagrill, it just showcases how much less you get at Mary's.