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Feb 9, 2007 06:35 PM

Date smoothies

I'm trying to make a date smoothie with a nice consistency AND with the dates mixed evenly throughout. When I tried the other night, I used some chopped-up dried dates. Was that a mistake -- should I have used fresh? The dates ended up in a goopy mess on the bottom of the glass, NOT what I've seen in some date smoothies I've bought.

I also didn't freeze the yogurt in advance -- I suppose I should do that next time.

Also -- I'm using a two-speed Osterizer -- do I need to upgrade my blender to make a proper smoothie?

TIA for the advice!

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  1. I believe shields date farm in Indio uses crystallized dates for their famous date shakes. They almost look like pellets/

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      Hmmmm...OK, thanks, that's one difference. I think the yogurt temp. is another. The date shakes out that way (I've been to a place called Hadley's) are what I'm sort of trying to replicate...

      1. re: Neely_Ohara

        I've been to Hadley's! Near Palm Desert! Date shakes ....mmmm!!

        Hadley's sells a date shake "base." If worst comes to worst, you could probably order it from them.

    2. I've only been able to get the dates to float throughout when I use really thick ice cream. If you want to minimize chunks, blend the dates with a little milk or water at the beginning so it becomes a paste before you add in the bulk of your ingredients.

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        I have cooked with dates for years and when I put them in once specific cookie recipe it said to cook the dates on the stove with a little water. This made a quick paste which I think could be used for a date shake or smoothie..worth a try

      2. There is a small town off the 8 freeway in Southern California called's some kind of date growing mecca. Anyway, there is a diner in Dateland that sells a mixture for date shakes. The consistency is like a think jam.

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          Dateland is in Arizona East of Yuma.

          1. wow, ive never heard of, or thought of making, a date smoothie or shake but it sounds great. i love dates. when i used to work in a restaurant, there was never time for breakfast so i used to raid the walk-in and grab one or two of the nice jumbo deglets we used to have for cooking, etc. one or two of those big boys can go a long way. id nibble them while sipping coffee while prepping for the day. i figured i got a bit of fruit, decent little bit of fiber, and all that sugar (natural tho it maybe) made me smile and made the coffee taste great. ahhh, memories.