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Feb 9, 2007 06:27 PM

Need One Good Meal...Staying at Gateway Sheraton

We are a couple in our early thirties that have one free Sat (3/17) night during a brief visit to SF. We are staying at Sheraton Gateway for conference and will have to rely on cab for transportation. Going into the city is not a requirement but would be nice. I want to spend approx. $150-200 with wine. I don't want to dress beyond business casual. Would like someplace where we can talk privately. We are from Kansas City so a steak type place is not what we are looking for. Love seafood and sourdough. Pasta is nice too. Loved Sea Blue by Michael Mina in Vegas if you want to know what we have liked in the past. Doubt we can $$$ him during this visit. Thanks in advance if anyone can be of assistance.

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  1. OK, so I know this is not the most welcome type of post to the board. If nothing else can someone please tell me what this area would be called so when doing research I will have a reference point? What would be the closest area to find good dining? Thanks, Deena

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      That hotel's in Burlingame, where there are some decent restaurants.

      For a great meal your best bet is San Francisco.

    2. Can you tell us where the Gateway Sheraton is? From the OP it seems it is not in SF. It is Friday night righ now. Traffic on the boards is slow from tonight through Sunday.

      1. The Sheraton Gateway is basically at (or very close to) the airport, which is actually about 15 miles south of the City of San Francisco. They presumably have a free shuttle to the airport, so a good option if you want to go into the city is to take the shuttle back to the International Terminal at the airport, then take BART into the city. The hotel shuttle will know where to drop you off. Any restaurant in the Embarcadero area or Union Square is close to a BART station. No reason to stay near your hotel, nor to take a cab (which will cost about $40 each way: Bart will be about $5).

        Alternatively, look for the recent post from someone asking about dining in Burlingame. Basically, you should search for Milbrae or Burlingame.

        One good option might be high-end Cantonese seafood. Koi Palace in Daly City is great, and I doubt you can find anything comparable in Kansas City, though the best way to get there might be by cab. Or you can try the Hong Kong Flower Lounge, in Milbrae, a shorter cab ride from you (though I don't think it is as good).

        If you come into the city, in that price range, you might enjoy Myth, Perbacco, or Boulevard. I'd recommend Perbacco but it can be noisy.

        There are almost no places in San Francisco (if any in that price range) where you will feel underdressed in business casual.