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Feb 9, 2007 06:21 PM


Hi, coming to town for a week in March and I need to EAT!!!!
I've been told by a friend I must go to In and Out Burger, but besides that where should I eat?
I'm staying at the Mosser, is there anywhere close by I must eat?
I'm looking for the best affordable food in SF. I want to feel alive.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you're staying at the Mosser, go over to Beard Papa for a cream puff or two. They are great!

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        Yeah, it willl go well with that In-n-Out burger.

        Take a ride down to the Ferry Building and check out those restaurants, especially the Saturday morning Ferry Plaza Farmers market, a must stop. With all the food samples, this is breakfast without even spending a penny ... but it is hard to resist purchases .. bread, cheese, fruit, jams, etc.

        Go the other direction up market and eat at Zuni, but I'm not sure how you define affordable and what type of food you are looking for. A little up from Zuni is DeLassios which has a great little buffet bar (by the pound) and exceptional desserts.

        Aziza. Unique to SF, great food and not outrageously expensive for lots of food.

        More detail might help ... like what exactly would make you feel alive. Scroll thru the boards for many requests similar to yours. There's a current thread on cheap eats in SF.

        If we are talking In-n-Out price range ... then pork buns & egg tarts at Golden Gate Bakery on Grant. Foccacia from Linguira Bakery in NorthBeach. No tables but take it over to XOX chocolate and eat the foccacia with a cup of Graffeo Coffee. Coffee comes with a free truffle ... get the caramel. Vietnamese sandwich at Saigon sandwich.

        You might pick up a copy of the Chowhound's Guide to the SF Bay area. Tho it i 2 yrs old, most of the places are still there and still good. It might help you pick out a few places in the areas you will be visiting.

        All that to just to take a shot at In-n-Out. It is fast food. For fast food it is good. But it is still fast food. Cheap tho. Not too many burgers in the two buck ground chuck range.

        Hope you will report back on what you tried.

      2. I am heading to GDC too and I am making a few stops. I am going to Blue on Market near Castro for their Mac and Cheese, I am going to Kate's Kitchen for breakfast one day (their cornmeal and buttermilk pancakes with bacon and cheddar are really good) . I also plan on getting a Mission Burrito. Anyone know of a place in the Mission District that has a good burrito? I was planning on going to Pancho Villa's. I might go to Sauce if I get a chance.

        I wasn't all that impressed with Zuni. Maybe it was what I got. The food was cooked well, and tasted good, but it didn't really justify the price. Their ceasar salad was very good though.

        Where is Saigon Sandwich? I love me some Banh Mi.

        1. I was at GDC two years ago (will be going again this year) and had a great meal at Mochica a few blocks away. Great Peruvian food, although the service was slow.