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Korean Fried Chicken

I recently read the article in the New York Times on Korean Fried chicken. Does anyone know of a place in the East Bay that serves it?

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  1. Here's a thread spawned by the article that mentions some East Bay places -

    1. hello, there's a place on Telegraph in the mid-40s, west side of the street adjacent to a mainstream chain fast food franchise I think.It was pretty good when I tried it a while ago; been thinking about re-sampling but just made a big batch of organic'oven-fried' w. crispy onion chicken that used only 3 tbsp combined of butter and oil, paired with a bottle conditioned, unfiltered, Belgian farmhouse ale, 'Saison Dupont'. enjoy your quest

      1. moto- would you post that recipe on the home cooking board?

        1. Luxury on 4419 Telegraph serves fried chicken, but it has a thick breading with zero flavor and strange shaped cuts of chicken which make it hard to tell what you're biting into.

          1. hey, the place I considered probably worth a re-try is in fact further north on " telly", on the corner of 61st and telegraph (north Oakland)--it's called something like 'oriental chicken palace'. Ambience inside much like a bar and grill with big t.v., similar to those described in the Times. And like the place joshchef visited, the flesh was in a variety of boneless chunks(influence of the pervasive fast food chicken 'strips/nuggets/tenders'?) ,mostly dark meat, but it wasn't bland.A few other standard Korean fare items on the menu like squid.enjoy the quest

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              i ate at the place on tele and 61st a few days ago and it was excellent. the chicken came out fresh and crispy and piping hot. me and some friends got two orders of chicken, one w/ the spicy/sweet sauce, the other with the garlic sauce and we got some spicy fish cake noodle dish to round out the textures. and boy do i love those pickled daikons they give you. it's fresh and cooling after taking a bite of spicy korean food. anyways, it was a pretty slow night for a thursday even, though that was fine by us, the big screen tv was playing espn and korean pop was playing in the background. the service was good, though that may have been attenuated by my korean friends chumming it up with the staff. we even had an earthquake during our meal to keep the conversation exciting.

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                You're talking about Oriental BBQ Chicken Town? Was the chicken fried?

                I liked the atmosphere but the food we tried was mostly disappointing.


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                  yup...definitely fried, but it wasn't too greasy.

            2. the night that i had the chicken there, it had a strange texture and tasted like it had been over-brined (is that a word?) it rather tasted like canned boiled ham; salty and just a little on the mushy side. But hot and crispy and spicy too. I have been meaning to give it another try and see if it was just me that night.

              1. i certainly hope my experience wasn't unique. I was with a couple of korean friends who gave it their approval...and trust me, these two are very picky about their korean foods.

                1. While not in the East Bay, I recently tried the Korean Fried Chicken at the just-opened Juyuso on the corner of Fillmore & Geary (replaced a very mediocre Thai restaurant), across the street from The Fillmore.

                  Honestly, I'm not sure what the big deal is about other than it is smaller pieces with a very crisp, lightly brown crust. Powell's is a block away and I'd go for Southern Fried Chicken first. By all accounts, I'd be curious of others' impressions on Juyuso -- I also tried a platter of grilled sausages and some fried yam balls which were quite enjoyable.