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Feb 9, 2007 04:22 PM

Where is the best Thai restaurant near LAX?

I have to be near the LAX area tomorrow for dinner and want your recommendations for a great Thai restaurant to take my relatives to. Any ideas for something really good? I like Thai Nakorn, but that would be too far a drive.

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  1. Right by LAX is Araya. Good food, (try their boat noodles) and a nice setting and easy parking usually.

    1. Ayara is pretty good and very close to the airport. Thai Boom on Venice in Culver City is excellent for a no atmosphere place, but doesn't produce over sweetened glop and is currently my favorite Westisde eatery - it is, however, more of a hike from LAX.

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        if ambiance is a factor, of the two, i'd choose ayara thai cuisine. be sure to sit in the front room.