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Feb 9, 2007 04:07 PM

Really good food in Hollywood?

Looking for a new or (to us) undiscovered great restaurant in Hollywood area -- besides Hungry Cat or Mozza. Pricey or cheap, it doesn't matter -- just the food. And nothing that's too TOO sceney.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      Magnolia, Ammo, Bowery, Cafe Des Artistes.

      1. re: Bthomer

        Have you heard about the burgers at Lucky Devil's? Great stuff. On Hollywood Blvd. Also Grace has good food and a nice vibe if you like restaurants where you can hear yourself think and actually be able to carry on a conversation without yelling.

    2. Celadon on third near Fairfax is really nice (former Yi space). Romantic rooms, wonderful food, good service.

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      1. re: Maxmillion

        Great reco. We really liked our dinner here. Creative food and for a "small plates" type of place the servings were quite generous.

      2. Los Balcones de Peru. Great food. Zero scene.

        Lucky Devil's and 25 degrees.

        1. A couple of Thai places that came to mind after I posted, (just like they usually do) are Ruen Pair and Sapp Coffee Shop, (which was just covered by Tony Bourdain on his last show done here in LA which was recently broadcast).

          Ruen Pair
          5257 Hollywood Blvd.
          Hollywood, CA
          (323) 466-0153

          1. You should give Off Vine a try.