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Feb 9, 2007 04:06 PM

Old Pro (Palo Alto) closing date announced

It pains me somewhat to pass along the sad, but hardly unexpected news, that another Palo Alto / El Camino landmark is going deep-six:

The Old Pro, the lovable primordial sports bar in the Quonset Hut at 2865 El Camino Real, will close on April 13. As I drove by today and noted the large chalkboard sign out front, I took it like someone who'd received the news that an old friend who had been long ill had been moved to hospice care. The site had been slated for demolition for some time, to be replaced by office buildings. The news is only that the final operating day has been set. Expect one hell of a party. I wouldn't be surprised to see Stanford people making long pilgrimages back from out of town.

The "new" Pro, at 541 Ramona in downtown Palo Alto, is still going, of course. If memory serves, it is in the location of the almost-equally beloved old Ramona's. (I know, I'm dating myself.)

You just knew something was going to heck with Palo Alto's historic preservation/planning process when Polly and Jake's (not a restaurant, but a landmark) just two doors north of the Pro, became a Cingular Wireless store.

When times are happy, we drink. When times are bad, we drink. April 13, we'll drink to the happy times that were and the not-so-happy times that are just around the corner.

Sushi Monster

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