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Feb 9, 2007 03:57 PM

Best Mideast on Atl. Ave.

Just a non-scientific straw poll....What is, in your opinion, the best Middle Eastern place on Atlantic Avenue between Henry and Court Sts. We've only tried Tripoli and have been pleased but not overly impressed (the BYO was a bonus). A friend said Fountain was good. Any preferences or suggestions?

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  1. I love Fountain. I like Yemen Cafe. The new place ( can't remember the name ) is hit and miss.
    Never liked Tripoli.
    The sleeper? FATOOSH!

    1. Waterfalls is def. the best!!!

      1. hmm, im intrigued as i live in the area but always find myself going all the way to Parrkslope's Mr. Falafel for the gyro lunch platter. how would you all say these atlantic guys compare to mr. falafel.

        1. Fatoosh is fantastic and a bargain.

          I still love Tripoli for the old time atmosphere and decent food.

          Yemen Cafe is great and the real deal, according to those in the know. I believe it, judging by the racks of freshly-skinned lambs they bring in every morning before dawn.

          Otherwise, I haven't kept abreast of the new changes along that venerable strip.

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          1. re: Hilltop

            Yeah, I like Yemen Cafe very much. Humongous portions, so be warned! (And take some food home.)

            I like Fountain Cafe but haven't tried the other places listed here and look forward to doing so.

            1. re: Pan

              I'm also a fan of Yemen. I'd say Mr. Falafel and Yemen are my faves even though Mr. F's is in the Slope.

              1. re: Pan

                The food is good at Yemen (lamb at least), however at my one visit to Yemen cafe, my party of three was given one serving of bread, when several single diners were served two! Was I supposed to ask for more bread? Or do they just assume that non-Yemenis don't want as much? Has anybody else noticed this effect?

                1. re: spchang

                  That's odd. They gave us a lot, there were 2 of us. And we are certainly not from Yemen.

                  1. re: spchang

                    you should have asked for more. Im sure they would have given you as much as you wanted. the whole bread/rice issue is loaded today. Lots of people dont want it or if it is served its just left there drying up. Its one perfectly natural reaction for restuarant hosts to hesitate to give a whole lot to unfamiliar patrons up front

              2. Fountain has always been our favorite. We must've eaten almost a hundred meals in the place (we used toi live around the corner) and we were less then delighted only once or twice. It's consistently great.