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Eating at the bar - westside

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I'm looking for a place to eat at the bar as a solo diner on the westside. I was thinking of someplace like Nook, but was there last week. Does Violet have a bar with dinner service? Any other suggestions? (budget, type of food, etc. doesn't matter...just looking for a good meal with a glass of wine near the westside)

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  1. Violet does have a bar with dinner service. I also like eating at the bar at Primitivo, Wilson, Orris, Ford's and Beechwood.

    1. If money is no object, I like eating at the bar at Capo. La Vecchia has a good bar for dining too.

      1. O-Bar. I feel like I keep talking about them, but it's because I am so new to the West LA scene I haven't visited many other places. Good fries, and my friend raves about lobster mac n' cheese.

        1. Vito's on Ocean Park Blvs and 28th.

            1. Eat at the bar at Chinois.

              1. Beechwood has a great bar, I also liked the bar at Mako. And naturally, the bar's at Mozza (but you have to go before 5pm unless you don't mind waiting)

                1. The Lobster, Vincenti, Toscana, CUT [SideBar], Capo, Pecorino - these are some places that come to mind. Out of all of them, Vincenti is my favorite, then CUT.

                  1. LA Farm - expensive, French influenced menu, interesting interior design
                    Billingsley's - dark, affordable steakhouse; interior design static for decades except for seasonal holiday decorations; bartenders pour great martinis / gibsons / manhattans etc.
                    Enterprise Fish Co - loud and busy on weekends
                    Ocean Ave Seafood - haven't been in a couple of years, but the happy hour was great

                    1. Pacific Dining Car!
                      great old time menu ala Dresden Room or Musso and Frank.
                      and open all night.