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Feb 9, 2007 03:42 PM

Eating at the bar - westside

I'm looking for a place to eat at the bar as a solo diner on the westside. I was thinking of someplace like Nook, but was there last week. Does Violet have a bar with dinner service? Any other suggestions? (budget, type of food, etc. doesn't matter...just looking for a good meal with a glass of wine near the westside)

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  1. Violet does have a bar with dinner service. I also like eating at the bar at Primitivo, Wilson, Orris, Ford's and Beechwood.

    1. If money is no object, I like eating at the bar at Capo. La Vecchia has a good bar for dining too.

      1. O-Bar. I feel like I keep talking about them, but it's because I am so new to the West LA scene I haven't visited many other places. Good fries, and my friend raves about lobster mac n' cheese.

        1. Vito's on Ocean Park Blvs and 28th.