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Feb 9, 2007 03:26 PM

Breakfast on Bay to Breakers Course?

Wondered if there was a good, casual breakfast spot along the Bay to Breakers course where a group could eat breakfast/brunch and watch the runners go by? We will have one child with us so nothing too fancy, but would like to food to be tasty.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Maybe the course parameters might help in getting ideas (I've run the thing myself, but I've never thought about restaurants along the way)

    Starts on Howard & Spear
    West on Howard to 9th St
    Right on 9th St past Market St and left on Hayes St
    Up Hayes St over the hill to Divisadero St and then right on Fell St
    Fell St all the way into Golden Gate Park

    1. Bean Bag Cafe on Divisadero and Hayes is perfect for Bay to Breakers.

      1. If on Hayes - Absinthe has outdoor seating, but fancier than what you're looking for. For casual, maybe Flippers. It has a patio that is opened to Hayes. Modern Tea a block maybe another option.

        1. Another thing to consider is that any place that is open and has a restroom facility will be mobbed, MOBBED, during the race. Maybe look for something not at street level or not on the course but a half block down. Seriously, I have walked B2B for years and it gets crazier each time. Maybe a downtown hotel restauant overlooking the madness?

          1. bay to breakers runs along hayes street. suppenkuche, at hayes and laguna, has a sunday brunch starting at 10 AM. i used to live across the street, and bay to breakers would wake me up every year. in my memory, they roar past that intersection earlier than 10 AM, (floats, naked people, costumes and all), but if you got there early enough to do some people watching, i think you could do worse than go into suppenkuche for brunch. they have breakfast options, including lox platters, farmer's omelettes, potato pancakes, emperor pancakes and the like, as well as some items from their usual lunch menu. and often, on special, they have the bavarian weisswurst, which is delicious with the traditional pretzel, mustard, and a crisp hefeweizen. it gets crowded, and you share tables with other customers family style, so i don't know if the child would be comfortable. but i had great fun going there for bay to breakers, especially after a few beers, lox, potatoes, and sausages. they have a website:

            oh, by the way, in case you haven't gathered or known previously, suppenkuche is a german restaurant.