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Feb 9, 2007 03:09 PM

seeking NOT trendy but tasty, in SF

Hi folks:

Looking for a restaurant recommendation for a non-trendy but tasty spot; French or Italian would be good, for taking some friends out to dinner to. ( I say 'non trendy' as a way of saying not super crowded and busy with a bar scene, where you can't hear yourself speak, and most patrons are in the 20 something age bracket... no offense to anyone who likes that scene!)

My friends are NY expatriates, and appreciate fine dining that tends towards 'classic' cuisine (though they appreciate good Thai food, I happen to know, so other cuisines are not out of the question). They (as do I) also appreciate quality service, so, that & atmosphere are important along with the food! Somewhere either near-ish to the Embarcadero area (hah), OR not too difficult for parking (hah!) would be great... suggestions, anyone?

Thanks, - cacao

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  1. Incanto
    Le Charm
    Helmand (Afghan, not French or Italian)--parking will be harder on the weekend
    maybe Piperade

    1. I like Piperade, or given the NY, fine dining, 'classic', comments, what about Rubicon?

      1. Boulevard? Right near where you'll be.

        1. One Market
          Perbacco (ask for a quieter table upstairs)
          The Cosmopolitan

          1. Zuni. Nice service, very Californian, and they have valet parking.