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Feb 9, 2007 02:54 PM

Help for a large group in Cerritos!

So, I got stuck with choosing a restaurant since I'm "the picky one." The problem is, I don't even know where Cerritos is... I know I've never been there and that is all! Please help...

I need a place that can accomodate a party of 30. The restaurant needs to be NICE, as in fine dining... any price range is fine. Any kind of cuisine is fine too. The food and service must be top notch, and am hoping maybe for a nice, classy ambience too.
Thanks for helping me dig myself of the "you're picky so you must know where the food is good" hole!

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  1. The only "nice" restaurant I can think of in Cerritos would be Arte Cafe at the Cerritos Towne Center.

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    1. re: MeowMixx

      The food at Arte Cafe is NOT good. I think it may used to have been good, based on old postings, but I was there a month or two ago and it was really disappointing.
      There is no good food in Cerritos. Or if there is, will someone please tell me where??
      Also, I don't think "fine dining" and "Cerritos" go together.

      I like Cafe Hiro in Cypress but it's too small for your group.

      1. re: slacker

        I grew up in Cerritos, go back there monthly to visit my mom, and slacker is 100% right -- unless you like the big chain restaurants (Macaroni Grill, BJ's, Black Angus, etc.), there is no good food in Cerritos. If you like Indian, my recommendation would be to make a quick drive to Artesia, where a wonderful oasis of Indian food awaits.

    2. Artesia's a great idea. Or go to Long Beach, which is about 20 min to the south. You might call Frenchy's Bistro and ask them if they can accomodate 30 people. That's a big group. Other possibilities are L'Opera downtown, or Bono's on 2nd st. Kelly's is a good steakhouse down here.

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        How far is Artesia and what are some good places there? Long Beach is going to be too far :( I know there are some great places there!

        1. re: banquisha

          Artesia is smack dab in the middle of Cerritos. From the 91 exit Pioneer and go south. But most of the restaurants are not considered fine dining, but good Indian food. Also, there are some smaller Chinese restaurants that can accomodate 30 people, again, not fine dining, but family/banquet style. Cerritos is not known for fine dining establishments. I grew up there and frequent many of the smaller establishments.

      2. How about Spaghettini's in Seal Beach? I have heard great things about it. There is no fine dining in Cerritos or Artesia.

        1. How about Prince Seafood for a banquet? In Cerritos. Nice room. They have a website,

          PS we've done banquets at Spaghettini and service was NOT very good, and I don't think I would put it in the fine dining category, either.

          1. The Dal Rae in Pico Rivera is fine dining with superb service.