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New England Pride - Gift Foods? [moved from Boston board]

I'm always scrambling for gifts to take when I travel, or for guests who come to visit. I find that regional foods are often great gifts. Can you share any ideas you have?

Just to give you an idea, some things which I've done in the past:
Lobsters on ice from Legals and others (great for really $pecial occasion$)
Bag of chowder from Legals (not the prettiest, but very effective)
My Grandma's Coffee Cake (I'm taking a dozen with me this weekend to Los Angeles)
Hood light cream (for amateur coffee drinkers like myself, there's nothing like light cream, which is really hard or impossible to find in many parts of America)

Some of the kinds of food I'm trying to find:
Great blueberry pie or Boston cream pie that can travel
Anything tasty with cranberries
Olde-fashioned chocolates/candies


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  1. I always buy jars of local honey and people seem to enjoy receiving that. In my neighborhood of Jamaica Plain there are a number of beekeepers and some of them sell their wares in local stores like City Feed and Gadgets.

    1. I've had cranberry products from this local producer...Look further into the site to find cranberry chutneys, as well as the pepper jelly. They also do a cranberyy white chocolate bark. They're out of Lynn (I thought it was salem) and I know they asre sold at the Swampscot Whoole zFoods. Don't know about the others....


      1. I like Sweet Sloops from Harbor Sweets. Really delicious toffe covered in white and brown chocolate dipped in nuts,shaped like a sloop. People generally love them


        1. Seasonal: Good Mcintosh apples -- the ones packaged in their own little foam nests direct from the orchard. No comparison to the grocery store bags of macs.

          Vermont maple syrup (maybe a sampler of the different grades) or maple sugar candy.

          www.vermontcountrystore.com has a fun selection. (I have no idea why they carry canned Cincinnati chili.)

          1. http://www.yeoldepeppercandy.com/

            oldest candy company in the u.s. awesome blackjacks and rootbeer barrels.

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            1. How about jars of hot fudge sauce from Herrell's? It's excellent hot fudge and the jars are sealed with chocolate-scented wax that looks like dripping sauce -- a little goofy but it's always a big hit.

              Burdicks is always popular -- not very olde New England but personally I'd rather have good chocolate thatn old fashioned candy.

              Nashoba Valley Winery out in Bolton has a lot of blah wines but a few that I really like -- Dry Pear and Blueberry come to mind, plus several of the dessert wines. They also have a cranberry brandy.


              1. I think apple cider donuts are virtually impossible to find on the west coast. I grew up in Los Angeles and only when I moved to the New England area (New Haven, CT) for graduate school did I learn of their existence.

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                  I second the Apple Cider donuts! I've shipped them to people because they just don't have them anywhere else in the country.

                2. I live in California now, and usually bring or ship the following items back with me or eat while I'm there.

                  Friendly's black raspberry ice cream
                  Macoun Apples
                  Fresh apple cider
                  Bar Harbor brand Lobster Bisque
                  Fanny's Italian Salad Dressing - http://www.gofannys.com/
                  Bog beans- chocolate covered cranberries
                  Barley sugar lollipops
                  Salt water taffy
                  split top hot dog buns
                  Jam and Pickles from Green Briar Jam kitchen on the Cape - http://www.thorntonburgess.org/Jam%20...

                  I've seen chocolate covered cranberries at different stores, but don't recall the company
                  Salt water taffy
                  Marshmallow Fluff
                  Maine Sea Salt - http://www.maineseasalt.com/
                  Dunkin Donuts coffee

                  1. Thank you for all the replies! I just got back from Los Angeles (and a cruise to Mexico), and really enjoyed the local fare over there (real Mexican food in Mexico, and the best fast food in L.A.!). People loved the MyGrandma's which I brought, but I had to use a huge computer printer box to fly them over. All of the suggestions above are better for gifts, and each response is very much appreciated!

                    1. Candy from Priscilla's Candies in Lawrence.

                      And nothing says New England Pride like Moxie.

                      1. Red barley lollipops in the shape of a lobster. Nice to look at, not very good to eat.