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Feb 9, 2007 02:09 PM

Need a Toronto recommendation

Looking for a romantic gem of a restaurant. Toronto West preferrably. International palate is possible -- getting the recommendation for a ''to the core" New Yorker..........Want to showcase Toronto and it's restaurants. Price not a huge factor. Prefer something with great food, charm and good service.

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  1. I'd plump for 'near west' and suggest Splendido. The best all-around place in Toronto right now.
    Further west is Via Allegro - but it's more 'steak-house chic' - no tablecloths; large groups; huge portions of pretty good food and an excellent winelist. Situated close to Wal-Mart and Staples (really)!

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      IMHO, Via Allegro misses the mark when it comes to romantic. It is usually full of large tables (mostly corporate gigs) and there are so many hard surfaces, that the noise level is deafening. Also, once your waiter gets seated with one of the large tables, the service for the smaller tables stuck in that section tends to tank rapidly. And the food, while nicely presented and quite pricey, is usually a snore. I've been stuck going there 3 times, and never again.

    2. My favourite 2 picks would be "Silver Spoon" in Roncesvalles...great food, fabulous service..they make you feel like you've "come home" and the atmosphere is intimate and quaint. My 2nd would be in the King/Bathurst area. Amuse Bouche....french cuisine, great wine list and the hip staff are friendly not snotty.

      1. Love Amuse Bouche...second that notion.

        1. I love Bistro 990. The staff is really friendly and the atmosphere iis awesome. GOod portions too.

          1. The original comment has been removed