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Feb 9, 2007 02:08 PM

Coke Zero - black can vs silver can?

is the Coke Zero in the black can new? it's got no splenda in it. great looking can and actually tastes pretty good.

Can't get any definitive info on the difference between the silver and black cans though

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  1. if it has no spenda in it, whats it sweetened with?

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        then isnt that the sam ething as Diet Coke??

        1. re: hungryabbey

          maybe, I don't have any diet coke handy. it tastes very different though, the black can tastes the most like regular coke of any variation I've ever had

          1. re: orangewasabi

            hm good to know, thanks for the tip! I will have to try it

            1. re: orangewasabi

              Remember when Coke changed its formula? Nobody liked New Coke, so Coca Cola Ltd. reverted back to "Classic Coke", the original formula. However, for whatever reason, Diet Coke continued to be the newer Coke formula, without sugar. Coke Zero is actually Classic Coke without sugar, and some of us Coke Classic fans now no longer choose Diet Pepsi.

              1. re: Full tummy

                ohh hm interesting. thats good to know. i think i need to have a sugar free cola tasting show down some time soon.

      2. haven't drunk it, am a die-hard diet coke fan, but did think my co-worker's bottle looked pretty, well,... sexy for lack of a better word.

        1. I'm drinking a can of this now as I type this! I believe what you're talking about is the new Coca Cola Cherry Zero. It is better than regular coke zero and has cherries with holes in them against a black background with a city skyline around the bottom. Good stuff!

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          1. re: mwerkharder

            where are you finding the cherry zero? I'm quite taken with the Coke Zero (black), I bet the cherry zero would be good for a dessert.

            1. re: orangewasabi

              Just started seeing it 2 weeks ago and have bought more since! I've seen it in Target, Pathmark and Super G in Wilmington just this week...

          2. Coke Zero will appeal more to Coke fans than Diet Coke fans as it has that syrupy sweetness that Coke has.

            1. TO MODERATOR TEAM: could this please be moved back to the Ontario board?

              The Canadian formulation and sales outlets are different than those in the US and I'd like this discussion to be specifically about the Canadian version.