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Feb 9, 2007 02:05 PM

PHX - red velvet cake or cupcakes?

Does anyone know of some restaurants/stores that have good red velvet cake or cupcakes? The only place I know of is Claim Jumper, and theirs isn't up to par. Thanks! =)

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  1. recently, i made a red velvet cake.I wanted to try something new. i was disappointed. sorry, can't think of any restaurants that has red velvet cake or cupcakes on their menu.

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      1. RIP Chez Bubba...his wife made a great red velvet cake. After Bubba died the restaurant closed and went on to become--------Matt's Big Breakfast.

        I don't know of good red velvet cake anymore. Tammie Coe's "ooey gooey" cupcake is great though.

        1. Red Velvet Cake-

          Lo-Lo's Fried Chicken and Waffles

          Restaurant 28

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            1. re: abbefaith

              I have not been yet...plan to go very soon.

              1. re: Molto E

                i stopped yesterday on my way home from work to get a slice. the restaurant was VERY small with only 4 tables and kinda dingy looking. i can't say anything about the food (although i just barely resisted getting some hush puppies for the drive home), but the cake was average at best. =/

                1. re: abbefaith

                  next time try the "Q" and let us know

              2. re: abbefaith

                I picked up some slices of red velvet cakes from Restaurant 28 for Valentine's Day. They were pretty good, but not to die for. The flavor was good, but the texture of the cake was kind of... how to descibe it? oily and mealy?

                Lil Mama's also has red velvet cake. But I haven't tried it there.

                1. re: grrlscout

                  I made it over there for the first time and was left underwelmed.

                  1. re: Molto E

                    I was also extremely underwhelmed. Very expensive for less than average food.

            2. Definitely Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles on Central and Yuma (south of downtown) for red velvet cake. I've had it, and it is ungodly good. Everything I've had at Lo-Lo's is utterly terrific. Trust me, go there when you're really hungry, else you'll be taking your red velvet cake to go.

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                1. re: abbefaith

                  Yes. I have seen plenty of solo diners at Lo-Lo's. There is even a small counter for solo diners (which will be much quicker for you to get a table than waiting for a two or four top).

                  1. re: Seth Chadwick

                    thanks for the info....btw i am currently in a situation where i have A LOT of free time at work. i read your entire site yesterday. my only complaint is that i wish you had an entry every day to keep me entertained! other than that i really like your reviews. =)