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Feb 9, 2007 01:56 PM

Recommend a great cookie

I want to deliver a package of cookies to my husband on Vday in Torrance. Does anyone have any suggestions for places that deliver goodies similar to Deluscious Cookies & Milk?

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  1. If you cen get to the SFV...go get you some of Leeda's cookies from Leeda's bake shop on Ventura in Sherman oaks

    1. Not that I'm any help, just ironic because my company just had an employee of the quarter celebration and they had cookies and milk for us. The cookies came from Deluscious! I haven't eaten mine yet, saving it for tonight, I chose the chocolate decadence one. :)

      1. Snookies Cookies are the best. They are located in Burbank, but I think they deliver all over.