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Feb 9, 2007 01:42 PM

35th and 6th

we were at an event at 35th and 6th and were disgusted at the lack of choices we could see(3 pub style places). we will be going back to the location again and would appreciate some recs. for low priced something open on sundays. anything goes!

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  1. This recent query is based a diagonal block away:

    The best places for bargain meals may be closed on the weekends, since Midtown is all about office workers. But there will still be good "inexpensive" to "moderate" options. I've eaten Szechuan Gourmet on Saturday, I know. Maybe Woorijip as well.

    1. Don't miss out on some very good korean on 35th betw 5th/6th -- Han Bat (not for bbq, but good soups,stews) and Cho Dang Gol (specialty there is homemade tofu), they're just a few doors down from each other and fairly inexpensive.