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Truffle oil - what's it best with?

Hi everyone,

I've been experimenting with truffle oil recently and wanted to see if anyone could give me any tips. It's actually a little more pungent than I had remembered. What dishes do you find it goes best with?


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  1. I drizzle a little bit over white pizza, or atop a mushroom ravioli with a wild mushroom pan sauce or tossed with fingerling potatoes which I then roast until crisp and browned...

    I am sure others will have even more inspired ideas!

    1. Does anyone know of a good source for top quality Truffle Oil?

      I looked at the Truffle oil at O&CO this week, it smelled wonderful. Has anyone used it?

      1. scrambled eggs, and also gnocchi.

        1. Any pasta, particularly risotto. Also drizzled on top of soups. Heaven.

          1. I like it in a bechamel sauce served with steamed califlower

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              Try it with roasted cauliflower - amazing.

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                How exactly do you prepare this bryan? Thanks.

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                  Separate cauliflower into even pieces - same size works best here. Roast on high heat stirring often till carmalized. Drizzle with a small amount of truffle oil. Once you have roasted cauliflower, there's no going back to steaming it.

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                    The way you describe it, it sounds like you're sauteéing it...is this right?

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                      No, roasting on high heat in the oven - about 400. Takes about half an hour.

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                        Gotcha...just wanted to be sure. Thx.

              1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll report back when I've had the chance to try some of these!

                1. I posted earlier but i guess something happened.
                  Its great to drizzle on beef carpacio thats been garnished with shaved parmesan, shaved celery and a salad of arugula with lemon and olive oil.

                  1. I had delicious truffle mashed potatoes in Vancouver once...

                    1. popcorn with Parmesan cheese, my fave movie night snack, just cut the truffle oil a little with some melted butter

                      1. I put love it on mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, baked eggs, scrambled eggs and all types of pasta dishes. Igourmet.com has the most delicious tuffle cheese that I treat myself to a couple times a year. Anyone who loves truffles must try it . Boschetto al Tartufo Bianchetto

                        1. I agree with all of the above, and would add polenta.

                          1. Definitely Carpacio, also try it drizzled on a beef filet, hot off the grill.

                            1. On french fries. I mean freedom fries.

                              1. I make a dish that's a spin-off from an entree at some Boston restauant. Pour a little cream in the bottom of your casserole dish, add cooked gnocchi (I use DeCecco), sliced mixed mushrooms (porcini, etc.). Layer the top with cheese slices (I use muenster because whatever was in the original recipe was hard to find and they suggested muenster as the best substitution). Bake until golden brown on top. When it comes out of the oven let it cool a bit and drizzle the truffle oil on top. To die for, especially in winter.

                                1. I use white truffle oil at home quiet a bit and always remember that a few drops go a very longs way. I add it to mashed potatoes, roast vegetable hash, sunchokes...just about any tuber to make a side dish stand out. Great with wild mushroom risotto. At work, we sometimes toss it with ahi sashimi, horseradish vinaigrette and frisee to make an awesome appetizer.

                                  1. I used it in a killer tortellini alfredo

                                    1. Am I the only one who finds truffle oil extremely strong tasting, more earthy than anything, with an unappetizing smell?

                                      And spare me a history lesson on why it tastes and smells the way it does, I'm aware of their storied past.

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                                        Apparently the only one on this thread! :)

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                                          That's what I'm thinking but I've always wanted to ask that question.

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                                            I know what you're getting at. It's definitely pungent. That's why many recipes call for literally just a few drops.

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                                          Scagnetti, the smell of truffle oil really turns me off. Which is a shame, since I got bottles of each at Christmas. I cracked them open, took a whiff, and set them right back down. I'm hoping they taste better than I thought they smelled.

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                                            That makes two of us. My bottle sits in the top tray of the refrigerator and mocks me every time I open the door.

                                            The first time I used it, I put a few drops in scrambled eggs for a family brunch and my wife sent me to my room and the second time I put some in mashed potatoes in such a miniscule portion you could hardly taste it.

                                        3. surprised to see i'm the 1st to say drizzled sparingly on mushroom soup--either creamy or broth-based. had it on a rich breafast scramble with bacon and spinach. . . maybe a bit much but good in small quantities

                                          1. I use it in a vinagrette for a salad with shaved mushrooms (baby bella best) or shave fennel and argula. Yum. Also, I always add it to my scrambled eggs.

                                            1. I had this really great dish the other night at a restaurant. It was seared duck over mushroom risotto, and there was definitely truffle oil in the risotto. All the flavors were very deep and paired wonderfully together.

                                              1. Arthur Schwartz, aka The Food Maven, writes that almost all Truffle oil sold in the US is made from CHEMICALS !! Labels are marked "truffle aroma" . That truffle aroma is a chemical. Arthur has a great website with lots of recipes from his columns and his books. Great reading.

                                                Only the truffle oil made from peelings or shavings are worth using, according to The Maven.


                                                1. a couple truffle oil threads I found helpful, about brands and uses

                                                  Since people are not bringing me the good stuff from Italia every day, I make do with what I can get . . . def. one of those things that either rings your bell or not, Scag

                                                  use it on mushroom (or other vegetal) pasta dishes, and as an extra flavor in panade (search Home Cooking for a lot on that and Zuni Cafe Cookbook


                                                  i was thinking it could make for great homemade croutons . . .

                                                  1. This recipe is one of my favorites - from Delmonico Steak House in Las Vegas - totally addictive, Emeril's Truffle Parmesean Potato Chips.


                                                    1. The point Arthur Scwartz, The Food Maven, was making is that in almost all so called Truffle Oil, the Truffle flavour comes not from real Truffles, but from a chemical called "Truffle Aroma". If you see that phrase on the label, do not buy it. You are just paying a premium price for oil plus the chemical; no expensive real Truffle has ever been near the bottle.

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                                                        you were perfectly clear the first time

                                                        Despite what Schwartz has to say, truffle oil from TJs (for $10, never saw an actual truffle) is a very pleasant ingredient.

                                                      2. For any true Truffle lovers out there, you have to try Boschetto al Tartufo Bianchetto from Igourmet.com. Its a blend of sheep’s and cow’s milk with white truffle shavings throughout. Its WONDERFUL!

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                                                          Just bought a Brentine truffle pecorino which I'd never had before -- I grilled a bone-in ribeye, sliced thin, over arugula with some of the pecorino shaved over top. Pretty tasty . . .

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                                                            Ohhhhh, that sounds goooood! I will have to look for that pecorino!

                                                        2. There's an interesting discussion of truffle oil at http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.co... .

                                                          1. has anyone every used truffle paste - white or black?

                                                            1. I use truffle oil when making shrimp scampi. over pasta... Also it's wonderful in risotto's..

                                                              1. I like it as an addition to honey to making meatballs (as opposed to using an egg as a thickening/binding agent).