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Pho in San Diego?

I used to get excellent Pho in Seattle (and oh man, the cream puffs!) but where can I find it in San Diego? I'm looking for a place that has a good fried tofu or chicken Pho. Do they serve cream puffs with Pho here? Help!

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  1. My favorite place for pho in San Diego is Pho Pasteur, Linda Vista Road at Mesa College Drive. I haven't been there for quite a while, but I don't recall ever seeing either fried tofu or cream puffs--cream puffs?--on the menu.

    1. Linda Vista is the place to go for the best Pho in San Diego. Try Pho Hoa, near the Linda Vista Library. It is a typical Vietnamese place, with a worn-out look, but the Pho is first-rate.

      Cream puffs do not normally come with Pho. That must be something that they do at the restaurant that you are used to in Seattle. I am Vietnamese. You would need to go to a Vietnamese bakery to get Cream Puffs and there are many in San Diego.

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        What is your favorite Viet bakery? I live in Oceanside and unfortunately I don't think there is any good ones near me unless I go up to OC.

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          pho hoa gives monster portions for pho. And their soup is always pipping hot.

        2. My wife likes Pho Ga, and our favorite place in Mid-City is Pho Ca Dao. It is a nice clean restaurant with quick service and good prices. The Pho Bo broth is excellent, and the chicken is nice too. There are a dozen other places along El Cajon blvd between the 15 and SDSU, so if you live near the area it is a good place to try; we've never had a bad bowl and many have been very good.

          1. I don't know what the Vietnamese restaurant situation is in Seattle, but I think it is a cuisine well represented in San Diego. The dishes you ask about are not ones that I usually order, but anyone interested in Vietnamese and other Asian foods in SD needs to look at Kirkk's blog:


            He has numerous links and also has broken up the posts into categories like Vietnamese and Pho (though he usually just has beef pho). But the blog is an incredible resource.


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            1. Pho T Cali on Clairemont Mesa Drive is good. They have chicken pho but no cream puffs.

              1. Nobody followed up on the Vietnamese bakeries - does anyone have some suggestions? I've also heard there's a good Asian bakery in south county. I think it's Japanese and in Chula Vista? Does anyone have info on that?

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                  Alice - Are you thinking about Hogetsu-Do in Chula Vista? It's a Japanese confection shop that specializes in making Manju. It is a rare find, and I think quite a treat to be able to get fresh manju. In fact, I'm driving over there this afternoon to pick up a few boxes as gifts for Chinese New Year...even though we Japanese celebrate the calendar New Year, the word rice cake in Chinese very roughly translate into "New Year Cake".

                  Here's the link to my CH post back in 2002:



                  It's a very nice mom and pop operation.

                2. Yes, I think that is what I was thinking of - thanks Kirk! I'm not sure if I read about it on your blog, or on chowhound earlier. I'd will check it out!

                  Any suggestions for Vietnamese bakeries?

                  1. Ahh... pho... a food that San Diego actually does really well for a change. There seem to be pretty good pho restaurants all over town nowadays, but I still go all the way to Talmadge every now and then for my personal favorite, Pho Hoa on El Cajon Blvd (4717 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, 92115 - (619) 283-6431).

                    Very nice fresh Soda Chanh there too, which to me is a must with a lunchtime Pho :)

                    1. SD does have good Pho joints. Although the one listed above on Linda Vista is good, IMO Saigon on El Cajon Blvd is the best I've had. Also, of note are the Pho Hoa Cali restaurants (one on Mira Mesa and one in RB) which serve excellent chicken or beef PHA.

                      1. Man, I miss Than Brothers Pho in Seattle - they don't make creampuffs like that as far as I know. I used to buy 9 packs of those just to snack on...

                        I had a good bowl at Pho Cah Dao today over on Mira Mesa - pretty much the same as over on El Cajon. I just wish they had fish sauce and roasted chili on the tables (and small dipping bowls). While Seattle had a good couple of places, San Diego is overflowing with Pho...