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Feb 9, 2007 01:16 PM

no likey new search/ real wasabi w/sushi

Ok so my real ? is where in lala land can I get real wasabi on my sushi ?
I have seen post in the past but the new way to search does not allow to look at the most recent post and you have to go through all the post as far back as well you get it.
was up with that.

So where do they use real wasabi ?
Sushi Gen ?

Thanks from a newbie to this cyber world.


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  1. Mori Sushi on Pico and Gateway. That's all I can think of right now....

      1. re: wilafur

        Oh, how I wish I could go to Urasawa. My sister told me she'd take me for my birthday. When I told her how much it costs, she said I could go and enjoy........while she waits in the car......

        Being such a purist, I'm surprised Keizo (Sushi Zo) doesn't have fresh wasabi

      2. of course urasawa but really my s.o. would kill me for spending that much.
        Maybe for super special celebration.
        surely there must be a reasonably priced place somewhere...... I hope.
        Ahhh dreams of urasawa.

        1. Mori does. Kiriko sometimes does. On my most recent visit, I sat in front of Ken and couldn't figure out why he was using paste wasabi when he had fresh wasabi roots displayed on the counter. He even used it on the live japanese mantis prawn which was a shame. Luckily, it didn't overpower the insane sweetness of the prawn.