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Feb 9, 2007 12:48 PM

Angel food

Does anyone know if I can use a container of store bought egg whites in lieu of the real deal?
If not, what can I do with a dozen egg yolks?

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  1. Fuzzydave...if anything I think these store bought whites actually work better than seperating the eggs yourself. I've used them for meringues, angel foods cakes, etc. and have never had a problem.

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      Sorry...I should clarify my post...the only purchased egg whites that I have used for this purpose were those from Whole Foods and contained no added ingredients/stabilizers. I still think that using these for something like an angel food cake is better than using 12 whole eggs if you don't have any obvious use for the extra yolks you'll get. However, I definitely agree with the below posters that if you can't find the store bought variety that contain egg whites as the single ingredient, it is better to seperate the eggs yourself.

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        I like to use the powdered egg whites. They're shelf stable, you can keep them around forever, and they work in every recipe I've tried so far (angel food, royal icing, etc). Never tried 'em for a souffe, though.

    2. Be very careful, some brands just won't whip up. I had my Kitchen Aid on full speed for ten minutes once working on a carton of store bought whites for an angel food cake, and they never got past frothy. There's another thread somewhere where someone asked a similiar question, I responded with my experience, and another poster responded to explain ... and I don't remember the exact reason now. I think some brands use some kind of stabilizing chemical that prevents them getting to the right consistency.

      1. I searched around several grocery stores for pasturized egg whites in a carton (trader joes, ralphs, albertsons..) and all of them have a warning about not using them for angel food cakes as it does not whip up properly.Whole foods sell egg whites in a carton that contains ONLY egg whites and I've used them to make meringues and they whip up the same as regular egg whites. However, the carton does not state that it has been pasturized. So, for the ones that don't whip up, is it because of an added stabilizer or the actual pasturalization process?

        1. you can use the yolks for lemon curd. You serve that with the angelfood cake or not. You can also make custards, rice pudding, holandaise sauce.

          1. Results: so I trekked to Whole Foods and picked up a $5 16oz container of egg whites for my angel food cake. Everything worked fine until I took it out of the oven. I failed to let it cool upside down and it collapsed. It still tasted good, though the texture was more damp sponge than deliciously moist.
            Last night I went to Giant, found a store-brand container of egg whites and looked all over the box for any indication of preservatives, of which there was none. I got home and only then did I see the warning: "due to pasteurization, this stuff won't work on angel food or merangues" SIGH!!!
            luckily, I had some leftover egg whites from Whole Foods, and just enough regular eggs and baked with those. The second cake came out very well AND I remembered to flip it over to cool. I depanned this morning and everything seems to be fine. I think it's still a bit more moist than store bought versions, which isn't really a bad thing. I don't know if that's because I used maple flavor rather than an extract, or if the egg whites weren't room temperature, or if I didn't beat the whites enough, or what.
            Moral of the story: it's the pasteurization that prevents store bought egg whites from foaming, not necessarily any preservatives or additives, though I'm sure they don't help.
            Thanks for the help everyone..

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              Wouldn't a $2 carton of eggs make more sense, even if you throw away the yolks?

              My cat and dog both love 'em, BTW.

              Try the chocolate angel food cake in the Cake Bible. It takes an amazing 16 whites, but it make s a massive cake and it's fantastic!