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Feb 9, 2007 12:38 PM

Jody's Sundaes & Deli sandwiches

The sandwiches are really good. They are Montreal Smoked Meat Style on a really good rye bread, They also have soup and Roasted potatoes to go with it.

I went there for lunch the other day and started drooling because they steam the meat fresh daily and slice it right there in front of you.

I went to the beaches location, 66 kingston Rd. (at Queen St E)

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  1. Something's not kosher here. Sundaes and smoked meat?

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      Smoked meat with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry??

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        It's called a Trayfniak Sundae.

        Or would that be Chinese food...

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          That's a pretty tasty combination there, excellent taste...my compliments.

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            Why not? George is a success serving smoked duck breast treated with vanilla. Maybe the gourmet secret is to give you very little.....otherwise you would puke.

          2. re: FlavoursGal

            They also have roasted chicken and turkey sandwiches aside from the Montreal smoked meat. The meat and ice cream sections are actually in seperate sections of the deli. It's pretty busy a lunch...kosher or not, my coworkers and I love it.

          3. - Do they slice it in front of you using a knife or on a slicing machine?
            - Did you happen to notice whether the meat had needle marks on the slices?

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              We gotta have a talk with those smokin' meats and get them to stop injecting themselves, embee! It's downright dangerous! What's this world coming to? :-))

            2. They use a knife. But then again that's also dangerous.

              1. I tried Jody's today. I'm going to tread carefully here because he seems very nice and I wish him well. It's a cute little place. There's no pedestrian traffic to speak of, so I'm glad he's sometimes busy. However, I was there at what should have been the height of lunch hour and there was nobody else in sight.

                If I think of this place as a deli, it's pretty lame. But taken on its own terms, it isn't bad at all. It's way better than Druxy's, for example. The sandwich half of the little shop sells smoked meat, corned beef, and a couple of other meat sandwiches plus a soup, cole slaw, and a pasta salad. Everything but the meats is said to be "home made". All I had was a smoked meat sandwich, so I can't comment on anything else.

                The smoked meat was thinly machine sliced Lester's, fat free, NOT old fashioned. It was a couple of inches thick on Silverstein's rye (from a package) with yellow mustard and it came with a good pickle. It wasn't cheap ($6.99). He suggested adding salt and pepper, which was startling. It needed the pepper. It was really a pretty good sandwich, but it wouldn't quell one of my smoked meat cravings.

                The ice cream half of the store isn't opening until spring. There's a big Nestle's ice cream sign out front (not exactly my favourite brand) and a soft serve machine inside. I asked if he would be making his own ice cream and he replied that this would require too much work.

                In short, stop by if you're in the area and want a big smoked meat or corned beef sandwich. But don't expect a real deli, much less a Centre St. It isn't worth a special journey.

                1. Tried the Jody's Deli at Warden and Eglinton (east side of Warden, south of Eglinton right across from Lowe's) for dinner. I ordered the Montreal poutine (large size) and I enjoyed it. It's a poutine topped with Montreal smoked meat. I've had Schwartz's smoked meat and this WAS NOT that, but the meat was tender and had good flavour. I wish he would pile a bit more meat on the poutine. The poutine was very good, made of real fresh cut fries, a beef gravy and actual cheese curds. The pickles are sour, although I found them a bit too salty for me. With a drink it came to $10.00. I would definitely go back and try their sandwiches (I just had a craving for poutine tonight). As for "ambiance/decor" it's fast food, generic style decor. If you removed the signs you might think you were at a mom and pop pizza joint or sub shop. However you're there for the food and IMHO it's worth it if you're in the area.

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                    I tried Jody's Deli at Warden and Eglinton and thought it was pedestrian and have never seen such apathetic service in my life.

                    The meat itself is standard deli meat, sliced using a machine. They store the meat in a steamer, so the meat has an almost 'hot and soggy' consistency to it. Soggy + steamy fat = gross. I had one of their Reubens, and thought it was a poor representation of what one ought to be, or should be.

                    The worst part was I noticed a short hair in my sandwich.
                    I told him about it, and he looked at me blankly, and said nobody else complained, that everything was prepared on stainless steel counters and that it probably came from my hand.
                    Yes, my hand.
                    No care, concern, nothing. Went back to talking to another customer.

                    At $10 a sandwich, I cannot in good faith recommend this to anybody, especially in Goody's old stomping grounds (RIP). You're better off crossing the street and going to California Sandwiches or 5 Guys, or maybe even grabbing a Donair sandwich at the Turkish restaurant Shirin Kebab House.
                    It's only a matter of time until Darwinistic capitalism knock this location out of business. I won't be back.

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                      We definitely had two totally different experiences. Then again I ordered the poutine and not the sandwich. I will still go back to try the sandwiches just to confirm your opinion/experience. I went at night (~6:00) and I was the only customer there, but it did fill up there after (dinner crowd?). Regarding the service I will say the person behind the counter was the only one there so he had to take the order, handle the cash and prepare the meal. Thankfully I saw him wash his hands before he prepared my food. You are right that the meat was steamed, though the pieces I had on my poutine were not soggy and tasted fine. Also yes it was sliced with a meat slicer. I do love their fries something that Goody's didn't do too well (as much as I loved Goody's and miss them =...(