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Feb 9, 2007 12:13 PM

Vegetarian chow close to Convocation Hall

Heya Chow'nders,
We're going to see Stephen Lewis and David Suzuki at Convocation Hall on Monday (everybody wave your lighters) and I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good, vegetarian-friendly dinner that's close to College and University ('s just occurred to me what a learned intersection that is...). It doesn't have to be entirely vegetarian, just have some vegetarian choice for my friends.

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  1. Personally, I'm not a huge fan, but a lot of folks I know really enjoy Vegetarian Haven. I don't find it bad, really - just pretty average. It's on Baldwin just a bit west of McCaul. And there are plenty of other restaurants along that strip that have decent veggie options.

    1. I've enjoyed Vegetarian Haven, but I would agree with gregclow that it isn't anything mind blowing.

      Free Times Cafe has great veggie and meat options - 320 College, west of Spadina. Bonus is that it's very affordable.

      I also really enjoy Fresh by Juice for Life, but you are probably looking for something closer. Just in case... 147 Spadina Avenue, just south of Queen.

      The Toronto Vegetarian Association has an online directory that I've found to be useful:

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        I would suggest Kensington Kitchen on Harbord- good veggie options. Not super close, but fairly close.

      2. a little south west (definitly walking distance)...go to Baldwin. They have Indian and Thai restaurants that are sure to have veggie options for you.

        1. About a 15 minute walk north to Spadina and Bloor is Fresh. The smoothies, soups, salads all are fantastic. My personally favourite smoothie is the Liver Cleanse. My fiance is not a veg and he still loves all the fresh (not meant as a joke) flavours. Also if heading that direction, Thai Basil is great however they use the fish sauce.

          Enjoy the talk.

          1. Oh, and personally although Kensington Kitchen is cute it has gone way down hill in the food department. May get to see Margaret Atwood there though, saw her there twice at lunch and I have only gone a handful of times cuz not too impressed.