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Feb 9, 2007 12:04 PM

whistler & banff

we wil be in whistler for 3 nights, then banff for 3.

would love any recommendations for restaurants. nothing too fancy - after skiing all day we usually like a more casual atmosphere.

great food, however, is a must. we'll have a car at both locations. thanks!

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  1. In Banff we like Saltlik, casual and nice, and very good food, good variety too. Is centrally located, downtown Banff. Very good steak too. Also Maple Leaf has very good food, a little more upscale than Saltlick, but still a very casual athmosphere. Both of these places have websites, you might want to take a look at their menus.

    Enjoy Banff, and please report your restaurant/food experience while in Banff.

    1. We always visit Typhoon whenever we go to Banff. Nothing like a great curry after a day of skiing. My husband loves their butter chicken and is very good at sharing - yum yum! It is quite a small restaurant so call ahead but if you like asian flavours this is a great spot.

      1. In Whistler the Wildwood, Caramba and Sachi Sushi are all casual, reasonably priced and very good.

        1. I'll second The Maple Leaf. The husband and I eat there everytime we're in Banff. I love the PEI Mussels and the Groom Lake Duck. One time, they had an icewine sorbet as a dessert - it was the most enjoyable sorbet I've had in a long time. It is upscale, but indeed you can go in casual. We're always in our winter "walking around" clothes, and have always been welcomed.

          1. In Whistler - i would go with either Sushi Ya or Sushi Village and not Sachi - we have tried to like Sachi but the food is not that good. The fish is fishy, the rice is undercooked and the MSG = very salty cooked food. Sushi Village is no more expensive and 100 times better.

            A few other casual eats are:

            -Portobello (great lunches)