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Feb 9, 2007 12:00 PM

Valentine's day breakfast?

I've read with great interest restaurant suggestions for breakfast (Orange, Toast, Sweet Maple, Ina's, Bongo, Wishbone, Tempo, Manny's and Nookies especially) and am wondering if anyone can suggest a special place for this Wednesday. My new husband and I both will be working from home and I'd like to surprise him with a special V-day breakfast out. Thanks!

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  1. In what neighborhood or town are you located?

      1. Well, the "usual suspects" in the city that are crowded on Sundays also serve breakfast during the week: the Bongo Room in Wicker Park and the South Loop; Kitsch'n in Roscoe Village and in River North; Orange in Lakeview and the South Loop; Wishbone in the West Loop and on N Lincoln; Flo in Wicker Park; and M. Henry in Andersonville. The Original Pancake House locations in Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast are also good choices (especially for their apple pancake).

        Links to related websites:
        Bongo Room -
        Kitsch'n -
        Orange (no website AFAIK)
        Wishbone -
        Flo -
        M. Henry (no website AFAIK)
        Original Pancake House -

        Another option would be to have breakfast at one of the high end hotels in the Mag Mile area. They all have cafes open, and some of them even have their fine dining restaurants open for breakfast during the week; for example, both NoMi in the Park Hyatt and Seasons in the Four Seasons are open for breakfast. If you're looking for a REALLY special place for breakfast...

        NoMi -
        Seasons -

        Of course, if you surprise him and your cab pulls up to a hotel, he may think you have something else in mind... ;)

        1. These are wonderful suggestions. I'm new to this site and very impressed. Thanks so much!

          1. Being a newlywed myself, I suggest breakfast in. Ritter's delivers and has fabulous frittatas, quiches (and I am not a quiche fan), breakfast burritos and daily specials. They can deliver lattes, roses and papers. They have a valentine special for a combo of the above, as well. check them out on their

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              Nice idea ;) I've driven by Ritters and have been curious. Glad to know it's good.